My membership card for Lunastarz host club ^^ :

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Heeeeh... So yep. This was made for a friend who requested it. Not much to say ^^;; Just a little BL. Made from ...

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For xxNoExistencexx

Hope it's ok! >< ...

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Avi change XD Any reqests?

Yup, so I changed my avi, tell me what you think!

XD I made it myself. 'Tis Kyoko from Skip Beat! in her angel costume

Inu's been making a lot of avis lately, and if she does say so herself, they look alright XP

So, I thought I might as well ask. Would anyone be interested in me making them an avi?

If I see anyone's interested, I'll post the current avis I've made so far on photobucket so you can judge if I'm worthy enough :D

Chibi McHatsune does a little dance X3 [[My first MMD]]

Yay! I finally finished my first MMD! This was just a test to get used to everything, so it's not really amazing XD

D: I can't believe it took three hours to do about fifteen seconds.I have little to no patience, so I was surprised to see that the time had just flown by.

1x1 RP?

I've been seeing few of these popping up lately, and I was wondering if anyone would want to do one with me? :3