The Premiere... probably going to be my BEST memory of my senior year!!! It was amazing, and the movie was even better!

I was shocked at how nice the cast was! Not to mention hilarious! And the people that came to watch were really calm with the occasional fangirls in there, jk, they were civilized as well Vic Mignogna is so funny...and random xD

I didn't get to see the Colonel :( BUT I did see Ichigo!!!!! (Johnny Yong Bosch) >D I was so happy!!! Just as happy as my friend was when she saw Ed (and noooo, we didn't go into fangirl mode...>.> I think...). I think my sis was the only one that was completely calm...(that's because Toshiro wasn't there...)

It was tons of fun! Now, to brace myself for AX! *crosses fingers and prays that favorite voice actors will be there*

Fullmetal Alchemist: Sacred Star of Milos!!! Go watch it! >D

I have this poster, signed by the director, producer and Vic Mignogna :D!!!

*will post other pics later*