My song


Febuary 2nd is Miguel's and mines 2 year anneversery! (bad spelling) I can't wait! I have a gift for him that I think he'll like (I hope ) any way, he came to see me today but came late which made me sad, but I still got to see him so it's not too bad. I is surfin the web with bordness. I can't wait till then!

Joy and Sorrow poem

Joy is the feathered creature
which purches in my soul.
And sings a balad filled with grace

Sorrow is the clothed creature
which hunts the balad singer
peircing it's heart with arrows of hate and anger

Joy can be hurt
but can never perish
it can be misplaced
but never lost

Sorrow can be hidden
and will always be inevitable
it can be placed
but never found

I hope people like it. It talks of joy and sorrow but places them to sound like a bird and a hunter. It reminded me of a story of a man who's uncle killed him to be king. But the man was lucky and was protected by a bird of their land, so when the man died he was transformed into the bird and was said to have lived for eternity. It was in my spanish 1 class. I liked the story.

A poem for my first born ( if I have one)

I thought of this when I was watching the movie Courage. It was when the cop's daughter dies that I just randomly wrote this out in my notebook.

You are the air in my lungs,
All the songs that I've sung,
You are so dear to me,
You are the sunlight that helps me see.
Your little smile so soft and sweet,
Your little hands so clean adn neat,
Your little laugh; a gift from above
you,our little blessing,
came on the wings of a dove.

I'm starting to randomly write things. I'll type out a few more of my poems soon.

Random short poem

H8rz B h8tin, Lovers B lovin, Please don' hit mah sis car, she got a bun in da oven. This sound like it could be a bumper sticker or something. ( I thought of it because my sister had her baby about 3 months ago and my mom worried about her driving when she was pregnant.