the AMAZING Advertising slogan generator!

Yeah, i found this slogan generator-thingy and i suddently had an idea! i should type in Kingdom hearts characters names! So i picked the ones that made me laugh!
Xemnas: Keep that Xemnas complexion.
Xigbar: Wouldn't you rather be Xigbar?
Xaldin: Smart. Beautiful. Xaldin. XDDD
Vexen: Nothing Sucks like A Vexen!
Lexeaus: Daddy or Lexaeus?
Zexion: Super Zexion is almost here!
Saix: Have you had your Saix today?
Axel: Whatever you into, get into Axel. [i used this on my frist post!]
Demyx: Just one Demyx-GIVE IT TO ME! [Okay then...]
Luxord: A day without Luxord, is like a day without sunshine.
Marluxia: Wouldn't you like to be a marluxia too? [Not really...]

  • 1)The Larxene is good for kids! [yeah,no.]
    2) Who would you like to have a Larxene with? [i could'n resist putting this one! XDD]

Roxas: Only Roxas can prevent forest fires!
Full Organization Slogan: Try Organization XIII , you'll like it.

That all i have right now!.
and now i have to put this:

RoxasluvXII; Designed for Roxas.

i was trying to find a roxas slogan, and saw this one and immeadiately thought of RoxasluvXIII! That was for you!