Zexion, Demyx, and Riku slogans

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«Naughty little zexion.»
«Halleluja, it's a zexion.»
«zexion - Yabba Dabba Duh!»
«zexion kicks ass.»
«I quit smoking with zexion.»
«zexion strikes back.»
«zexion. Making people sucessful in a changing world.»
«The zexion universe.»
«zexion - what more could you want?»


«Be young, have fun, taste demyx.»
«demyx is the only way to be happy.»
«My demyx beats everything.»
«The wonder has a name: demyx.»
«demyx - as good as it gets!»
«One goal, one passion - demyx.»


«Made by Riku.»
The secret of riku
«No Riku, no kiss.»

Not many riku ones, 'cause i don't like him. He such a jerk, and a wuss. he was such a keyhole to xion. i hate him!!!!!!!!! he doesn't deserve kairi either!

I didn't darw any of it, just put them all together!