Who i am

------Info about me-------
Full name: Marlayna
Nickname: Marly

Birthdate: October 24
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Houston, TX

Current Location: Bedroom
Eye: Leaf Green
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5'4
Weight: 127lbs

Piercings: None

Tattoos: Nope.
Transportation: In a car?
Lifestyle: Nobody
Food: Babybell cheeses
Drink: Blueraspberry juice
Restaurant: Mario's pizzeria in seabrook!! (near clear lake in texas)

Candy: Hershy's chocolate
Number: 8
Color: Crimison/Red/Violet
Animal: Kitties X3 (cats)
Body Part on Opposite sex: *chokes on cheese* Ack-!

TV Show: Er. I don't watch tv that much but when i do, its usually the discovery channel, travel channel, science channel, bio channel, history/history international channel...

Music Type: J-Pop/J-Rock!
Movie: Uu~ thats a tough one~ for the moment, X-men First Class

------This or That-------
Pepsi or Cokez: Coke, i'm not stupid *derp face*

McDonalds or Burger King: Burger King

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Hot chocolate
Kiss or Hug: Hugs
Dog or Cat: Cats. Dogs get on my nerves
Rap or Punk: Punk.
Summer or Winter: Winter.
Scary Movies or Funny Movies: Funny

Love or Money: Its hard for someone like me to find love, i can even say its non-exsistent in my life, so for the time being i will have to go with money

Fire or Ice: Fire
Wind or Thunder: Wind
Light or Darkness: Darkness.

Strength or Smarts: Strenghth

Bedtime: Supposed to be 10 but i usually go to bed a 1 or 2. I get insomia sometimes
Most Missed Memory: I don't know they say my memory is good but i can't remeber shit.

Best physical feature: ....

First Thought Waking Up: Nooes~! that was a wonderfull dream i was having OR TOO EARLY.
Ambition: To get a life in the first place

Best Friends: My bestest bestest friends are My friends Mo and Meg, My friend Sam, and My friend Em

Weakness: Romano~

Fears: Well if you want a list i have Nosocomephobia, insectophobia, denetophobia, odontophobia, tomophobia and possibly aichmophobia

Longest relationship: Two days. If it could even be called a relationship

-------In a Guy/Girl------
Favorite Eye Color: IDC

Favorite Hair Color: IDC

Short or Long: Short.

Height: Preferably taller than me

Style: .....Hm?

Looks or Personality: personality

Hot or Cute: Does it matter?

-------Clothing I wear-------
Shirt: Crew-shirts or graphic t-shirt

Jacket: My gray jacket with japanese writing all over it.

Pants: Jeans
Shoes: converse

Rings: none

Necklace: Keyblade necklace

Earrings: I don't have my ears pierced


What no braclets? Well i'm just gunna add it here because i obviously have some not that any of you really care >:D
Braclets: A checkered braclet and a "wish string braclet" (as i call it; its a piece of red string that you tie in a knot 3 times, each time standing for a wish. You wear it till it breaks off and when it breaks off, your wishes have had come true. Bit interest actually. I got it from my brother's brazilian godmother, i don't know if this is universal or if its only in brazil OR if it only comes in red or if there are other colors. I don't even know what its called. I can't remeber my wishes either)

Isn't this adorable? :D its so CUTE~! Moo-moo suit!