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I just cracked up a wonderful idea! At the end of each week , before I change the topic, I would make an e-card about the topic and post it in this world for all of you to see!

Topic of the Week:
Favorite Anime Maid (Of course, if there's a butler, there's a made)
*When you post please include the picture.
*From what anime, manga or game is she (not being sexist but most of the maids are girls)?
*If you want, you could say what you liked about her.

Fav anime maid ^_^

I think, Misaki is the best maid ever ♥___♥ I like her <3
It's really interesting anime :3 And manga ^__~

She's so cute

Not from an anime, but...

Ok, this is not an anime butler, but...

every time i think of a butler, i think of Tim Curry in "Clue". The movie is notoriously poorly made, so much so that it is really fun to watch! It is, strangely enough, a film adaptation to the board game. Tim Curry plays a stereotypical (hilarious) butler who, as stated in the film, "buttles".

(One of the other characters asks Curry, "what exactly does a butler do?", that is what i am referring to above)

Why do I love Tim Curry as "Wadsworth"? You see, to me he is the archetypal butler. He creates the standard in my mind for what a butler must be- his mannerisms, attire, speech patterns, etc. He is handsome, sophisticated, and hard to read. (perhaps devious)