Poetry is poetry whether it depicts a sad and soul wrenching theme, or if it sends someone to universe that they feel happy in. However, i still feel the same way i do about rhyming, but if that what helps you get it out, then you have every right as a writter and artist to use rhymes.

Looking back at everything i have written, i was a troubled girl who was saved by pen and paper, friends and even the art of others. I greatly advise anyone to start writting, drawing, singing, playing sports, anything to keep you happy and steer you away from suicide. You do matter whether you know that upfront or not.


Im standing here all alone
and all i do is bleed

The millions of lies
you told me cut me all

I cry tears of blood
and nothing else

They all think im crazy
but all i am is lonely

the bleeding gets worse
and worse and the pain becomes
harder and harder to bear

All this has made me strong
and i will be strong enough
to pick myself up one day

Missing You

Your all i think about
but to you im invisible

When the rain pours, i think
about when our lips first

I miss it when you said
"i Love You",you ment
everything to me

I guess i wwasnt everything
to you since you decided
that weed was ur true and only

Even though ur a pothead,i loved
you for who you were

Maybe it ended for a good
reason,butmaybe we can change

Broken Inside

Lost and alone
with no where i can
go,i cant find my place

Unwanted and Torn,im losing
myself faster than ever

Falling deeper and deeper
into a dark pit that becomes

and in a million pieces i
survive each lie

Finding Myself

Hidden for too long
Keep[ing myself from
the world

Slowly im finding myself
steadily facing the world
im coming alive with each
passing day

No more hidding
no more holding back, This
Dark Angel is going to

Mommy..I miss you

Your to far away
I cry when you leave

I wish i was closer to you
Im your lil ferdy k and
your my mommy

Mommy I miss you when
can i live with you

I miss daddy too but
not as much as I miss you

The pain in my heart is
killing me,I hate that
I cant see your smiling
face everyday

Mommy I miss you,i wish
I could live with you

Mommy.....I Love You

(P.S. i wrote this for my sis when we came back to montana)