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I've watched countless of animes throughout my years, if you watched it, I probably have too. : ) I like a lot of other things too, like shopping, tasting foods (and wine) and watching touching movies.

I think we can get along smoothly. Just some tips you want to know bout me.
1. Sometimes I come across quite firmly. No hard feelings, but if it's something I'm against, I'll say it and you'll know it.
2. I'll respect your values if you respect mine.
3. I can be a real prick sometimes, maybe because I critique a lot, maybe because it's in my blood. If your my friend (aka, me and you are subbed) than don't take it to heart. I won't change to please you, and I don't expect anyone will do the same for me, so let's just love each other they was we are, mmkay?
4. I love random ANYTHING.

Some ideas

Hello. I'm back again. I took a small break because I have exams (last one tonight) as well, I'm preparing for some upcoming job fairs sponsored by fashion industries. I have one of those before Christmas and some more in the New Year.

And so, I need your guys help. I'm certain that I have the themes down (culture clash, geometry set and futuristic), but I'd love to have some of your input as well. : )

To make it easy, just tell me the first: i) colour ii) shape OR iii) other that you feel when you read the following words. You don't have to do all of them, but any that you do do will be warmly appreciated! Please specify what number you chose. Thank you.

1. Flower petals
2. Lost in an unknown world
3. Breaking free
4. Escape this prison
5. I want to go home
6. This world has changed
7. Fading Memories
8. Can't hide
9. The hunt continues
10. Loosing it

On another note, how are you guys? : )


Well here I am, starting this account and all.

Sooo it begins : )

My friend recommended this site for anime and such. I'm a pretty big fan of anime, in case you don't know. You can read about my anime expereiences in the intro of this world.

I want to know how to make ecards and wallpapers. I've seen some on here and they're just so sick. In return, I'll teach you I'll post my art of rough designs then. I'd like to get to know you, if that's alright. Just let me know your name, what you like, and we're cool.

Oh yeah, and call me whatev's you want. : )