Well, I tend to almost always chose MyOtaku over TheOtaku's worlds so I'll probably never update on here... and if I do it'll be something totally random and pointless

Let's see... besides the fact that I LOVE MyOtaku and TheOtaku, I'm also really into Japanese music and wish I had more of a chance to get music All the stores here carry only the major bands None of the groups I like are major which totally sucks...

I also LOVE the Final Fantasy game series. I'm probably the worst gamer you will ever meet but I love them none the less

Hmmm..... I also adore most of the manga/anime released through VIZ and ADV/Funimation. Greg Ayers is the best (male) Voice Actor ever I almost always love his characters.

Ohhhhh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hayou Miyazaki (Animation director with Studio Ghibli) and Nobuo Uematsu's works (Final Fantasy music composer). They are both amazing


Lol, wow.... I feel so... yeah... Weird coming back after so long away Lol, I really don't think I'll be loggin in any more often then I have been lately but still, just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone so... yeah Hi Lol lets see updates updates.....

Well, I've found me the most amazing, dorky, cute, sweet, good cook, fun loving and... Lol, way super easy to be friends with boyfriend. I love him so much he's awesome. As both a friend and more. And we've been together for 5 months now. Lol, If anyone who reads this used to read my MyOtaku posts WAY back when, I mentioned him before I started going out with him, the guy I was crushing on with the amazing smile. Lol, yep yep. Five months as of monday. And I'm hoping for longer, he's so sweet <3

School went excellent. I've had two B's the entire school year as actual grades. My first semester final grades were all A's. I'm proud of myself. I'm sorta scared about my second semester final grades though. They may be made impure by ONE MEASLY LITTLE B!!! GAH!!! Lol, and it's only like ONE POINT AWAY FROM AN A TOO!!!

I'm switching schools next year too. I love my school, I don't want to go. even if some of the stuff they do here is totally bogus and makes no sense. Good news, my boyfriend is transferring too! I'm so happy.

Oh and anime club, lol. It was amazing, I had so much fun this year with them, Idk if I'll join next year though I think I'll go with shutter bug instead. It'll be so unorganized being run by a bunch of sophomores. Whether they're cool or not. OH! And.... yeah yearbook made me mad, all the pictures I took for anime club, they were credited to someone else. It pissed me off so much. I took god knows how many pictures, printed them all with my own money, worked so hard for it and everything and the club gave me credit and all but yearbook totally screwed me over and gave the credit to some senior. I mean she's cool but those were mine. Dido with the group picture. They mispelt my name, I mean WTF? Come on, you could at least do that right.

OH! Lol, and thanks to anime club and having a boyfriend I have developed two very odd hobbies. I LOVE chick flicks now. I mean I loved them before I started going out with David, even before I met him but he just made them like a million times better for some reason. Like for some reason every time I watch a movie he comes to mind now, Like in PS I Love You. I cried so much watching that movie, lol. Every time she though of her husband I'd cry cuz I'd think of what would happen if I lost him, I mean aside from being my boyfriend he is one of my best friends too. I'd be so upset.

Lol, my other hobby is taking pictures but I'll just let that go for now.

I'm so sad, my best friends, Ariana, Micheal, and a friend of mine name Gabriel are moving over the summer. And my other, like, super best friend, Heyward? Yeah, he's staying at the old school. It makes me sad, I'll be losing the people closes t to me. All my other friends are transferring but not my closest friends

Ohhh well. Oh! lol, I gots to see my boyfriends baby kitties Sunday night when we went to the movies. They are so cute! I love the little black fluffy one.

Hmmm... I'm probably missing stuff but oh well, lol. I guess that's all, BYE!

Pretty isn't it? I took it after a club meeting a while back on my phone.

Omg, I'm non-exsistant!

XD I never get on anymore. My poor Myotaku account must feel so neglected ='( Lol, well I updated so if people actually still see if I get on (which would surprise me) Go read my post on there. Make my Poor MyO feel like it's still loved please

La la la la

If you HAD to have someone's name tattooed on you, what name would it be?
Ummm.... My kitties name, with her pic right underneath ^^

How many states have you lived in?

If someone you used to be friends with slashed your tires, would you call the cops?
Maybe.... yeah probably.

What did you do to get your first detention?
>.> Not showing my work on a math homework assignment....

Have you ever seriously vandalized someone else's property?

Is your bathroom clean?
I think so.

Did you talk to anyone on the phone before bed last night, who?

Who did you last share a taxi ride with?
I've never been in a taxi >.>

If you had a sex tape and someone offered you five million dollars to sell it to them, would you?
Ummmm, ewww? That is gross why would I have one?

How did you and your number one on MySpace become friends?
More then friends you mean. But umm, yeah, lol. We met in a very very very empty Final Fantasy chat room.

Are any of your great-grandparents still alive?
.... idk.

How many cousins total do you have?
A lot.....

Where were you born, and how old were your parents?
Phoenix AZ, mom = 32 / dad = 33

Is it more common for you to follow your heart or your mind?
Ummmm.... a mix of both. Probably my heart more then my mind though. If my mind was in control I'd be a lot more hated then I am now >.>

Are you a dog or cat person?
Cats of course.

Have you ever seen your best friend cry?
No... I don't think I have.

Did you get any compliments today?
Yes ^^

Whats the seventh text message in your inbox say?
Ummm..... I'm to lazy to look XD

Have you ever had a crush on your siblings friend?
If I felt like liking a nine year old I'm sure I could find much more worthy ones then those my sister hangs out with.

Have you ever gone to a beach?
Yep ^^ A few times.

Have you ever been out of your country?
Once. For three days. In Canada =D Best tea ever up there.

Do you have a Honda or Civic?

What time did you wake up this morning?

Whats your favorite curse word?
Dammit... or shit... depends on the situation.

Does it matter to you if your bf/gf smokes cigs?
Yes, very very much. They are nasty and expensive. I mean I wouldn't wanna change them but... that'd be a habit that'd need to go.

Do you get along better with guys or girls?

Do you like shows like Forensic Files and Unsolved Mysteries?

Do you prefer to take showers at night or in the morning?

Who is the best person to cheer you up?
John or Ariana

Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to?
John or Mike.

Do you think you have made a difference in anyone's life?
I hope so.

I love quizy things........

I think I found a use for this world finally! I'll post my quizy things I find on myspace on here ^^ Lol, I love quizys but I never post them on my MyO profile so they will be exclusively for here

Who has your heart?
My very very sweet bf ^^ Lol, I'm still not used to saying that XD

Do you like the last person you kissed?
Never kissed anyone before.

Who was the last person you called?
Ummm..... My mom I think.

What is the last alcoholic beverage you had?
Ewwwwwww, never.

Did you sing at all today?
Yeah, lol, in the car on the was to Chandler.

When's the last time you cried?

Where were you last night?
driving home from Yuma

What do you think of Lil Wayne?

Do you believe in love?
I do ^^

Have you done anything you regret in 2008 so far?
..... Maybe. Well I don't quiet regret it now but I may regret it later....

Do you miss anyone?
Yesh =[

Do you curse a lot?

Who was the last person in your bed beside you?
My kitty cat ^^

Where is the person you have feelings for right now?
He just went to sleep a bit ago ^^

What color is your hair?

Have you ever drank with your number one (on myspace)?

Are you too forgiving?
I think I am....

Ever had a sleepover with the opposite sex?
A long time ago.

Are you close to your mother?

Do you have trust issues?
No >.> Well does being overly trusting count?

Who was your last comment from on myspace?
Vanessa I think.

Have you ever told someone of the opposite sex you loved them?
Yes ^^

If someone liked you right now would you want them to tell you?
Umm......... Yes and no....

Do you like someone you can't have?
Ummmm, well the label is there but he isn't sadly. I hate long distance relationships >.< I never see him.

Have you ever been to Florida?

When did you last talk to a brother or sister?

Do you ever wanna know who you're going to marry?
Lol, yeah It's be interesting to know ahead of time.

Have you ever punched a guy?

Gotten in a car with people you just met?
Yes but my best friend was there with me and it was her aunt so....

Does anyone hate you for no reason?
Not that I know of.

Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
No. Not unless it was just to rewatch something. I'd never like to relive it though (what if I accidentally changed something and messed everything up?)

Were you happy when you woke up today?
Yeah.... well sorta.... no.... idk.

Do you hate the last person you kissed?
Never kissed a guy before.

What are you listening to right now?
Queen - We will rock you.

Have you ever liked someone and never told them?
Lol, I'm surprised I even have a boyfriend. I don't even tell my friends/family that I love them most of the time. It's to awkward for me to say.

Ever been kissed in a car?

Have you ever kissed someone and never saw them again?

Last time you laughed?
Just now.

Do you regret anything from your past?
Not really. Everything has a reason and the more I look at it, things I once regretted have made my life much better in ways. Such as an issue I had with myspace. There was this total creep and...........

Do you bump into someone’s arm if you want to hold their hand?

Last argument?
Last night. But he apologized for starting the small and totally pointless argument ^^

Favorite month(s)?
December, October, August....

What are you doing Sunday?
Nothing most likely.

How long have you been best friends with your closest friends?
ummmm..... since...early June...... My really close friend and I have been separated by school >.> I've known her since 5th grade but she no longer counts.

What was the highlight of your week?
I got to talk to John Friday night ^^

Last time you were truly happy?
Ummmm..... I don't know....... Probably... around the 2nd of august when I met John in person for the first time (John is my bf btw ^^)


Ummm.... well yeah I have no point of getting on here and posting but I feel like it so Hiya ^^ What's up on the "worlds"?

Ummm....... Nothing really goes on with me, lol. Although I have found that I need to learn not to text more then two people at once. I was texting, like, three or four people earlier (I don't remember) and boy did my fingers hurt, lol. It's hard to keep up with them too. You lose track of what your saying so easily.

U.... Ha, I'mma post a picy of my kitty and split I guess, I'm outta stuff to say.

Tee hee Me loves me kitty so much. Well... ummm... yeah... bye ^^