OK so this world is like all my other worlds.It includes all,no most,of my poetry and a few other things.So basically this realm is where you will find most of my poems.If you would like to request anything,please do.I love to write poetry and lots of it tells a story from different points of view.So if you would like me to write a poem about someone or something,please just send a comment or message me.

Untitled (yet again)

Standing atop this great precipice
I can't help but cry my heart out to the world far below me
I wrap my arms around myself and try to hold the pain within at bay
But it seems an impossible task
Fore the pain is beyond unbearable for just any one person to bear alone
And yet that is what I had hoped to achieve......

Storm clouds loom in the distance,
A prelude to the storm within me;
Thunder rumbles, lightning flashes
Giving the sky an eerie glow
Soon it starts to sprinkle, leaving the world around me in a watery haze
I look up to the sky above and can't help but weep bitter tears of sorrow
The pain is taking its toll on my body
I should have listened, should have, but I didn't
And for that I am truly sorry......for everything

It's starts to pour down
There are water puddles all across this land and atop this great precipice
But I don't seem to care anymore
My body has become so numb deep inside
That I don't feel the rain anymore
Suddenly I hear a voice calling out to me
But it's soon tuned out by the thunder
Even without the thunder covering your voice
I know it's you
You came after me again
Even when I told you not to...

You were the one every girl wanted to be with
You were the one whom the Elders had said had the promise of a great leader
You were the one who was the rightful leader of our most strongest warriors
You were offered many things in life
You would have prospered, if only you had listened to everyone
But you didn't, you ignored everyone's advice and sought a different life from the one you could have had
Only to be by my side
You were always trying to do things for me
Helping me in any way you could or knew how to

To be continued.....

I love you too

I sit here
Leaning back against a huge oak tree
With your head in my lap
Your sleeping
And I can't help but smile
You look so peaceful
Even in your sleep
But I can't help but smooth out your hair
You smile at me even with your eyes closed
Then you open your eyes and look at me
I laugh at you
Because I can't think of anything else to do
You get up and look at me with that smile on your face
Then you lean closer to me
And kiss me
I close my eyes
And kiss you back
You break away from the kiss and smile
I open my eyes and look at you
You get up and hold out your hand to help me up from the ground
I hold your hand and lean against you while we walk
You let go of my hand ad put your arm around my waist
I look up at you and smile
You look at me and laugh
I laugh too
Then I stand on my tip-toes and kiss you
You kiss me back
We break apart and keep walking
I can't help but laugh
You look at me again
But this time there is something mischievious in your eyes
I look at you and ask you why you have that look in your eyes
You tell me because you love me
I look away and feel my face growing warm
Then I look back at you and say 'I love you too'


Why did you do this to me?
How could you?
I hate it when this happens
You always want to come back to me
And as stupid as I am
I let you come back
I should have learned the first time
You would always do this to me
God,what is wrong with me?
I want to be with you
But I don't know if I can handle another heartbreak
Though I do love you
I think it's best we go our seperate ways
I should never have listened to you in the first place
Because you lied to me
I'm even more stupid for letting you back into my life
You would go to her when I was gone
Or when I was with my family
I'll bet she wants you to leave me
But your too hung up on the fact that you got two girls
Well your wrong
You only have one
And she's the one you sneek off with every time
I,on the other hand,
Will dump you like you were yesterday's news
Hey what can I say?
It's just the I am