Rat Boy

This is one of the characters I put on ArtFight. He's a very old character, which might be why he has that wonderfully original name.

And yes, my ArtFight name is MagtheDefender.

Secret Santa Wishlist 2021

Howdy-ho, Secret Santa! It is I, Reb! Here is my list of ideas:

From Fire Emblem:
-Jarod (FE10)
-Zelgius (FE9/10)
-Greil (FE9)
-Renning (FE9/10)
-Naesala (FE9/10) (Skip the earrings, please!)
-Yeardley (FE10)
-Gangrel (FE13)
-Xander (FE14)
-Dimitri (FE16) (The version where he's older)
-Hubert (FE16) (Either version)

From the Final Fantasy 7 universe:
-Genesis Rhapsodos (Skip the earrings, please!)
-Tseng (Skip the earrings, please!)
-Weiss & Nero (They're brothers, please draw them together)
-President Shinra (If you pick this one, it is imperative that you make him a roly-poly little man like his in-game model from the original)

-Ludwig von Koopa (Mario series)

If you want to do a ship, I like Gangrel x Emmeryn (or just hanging out with her as cute sad friends). Zelgius x Sigrun is good, too, as is Tseng x Elena. Nothing racy at all, please!

Thank you, Santa!