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The End...?

I've been going back and forth with myself whether I should leave theO or not. I'm loyal to this place and the people I've met here, so I don't want to. But on the other hand, many people have moved on and this place doesn't make me as happy as it used to. So maybe it's my time to move on too.

I guess...I'll ruminate on it some more.

Fashion Statement

(Whoa...long time, huh?)

Story: My roommates and I went into the city to see a show (it was very good). We come out and are waiting to cross the street. There's a designer purse store across the street with these big lit-up advertisements. I turn to one of my roommates and say, "Hey, is that Lightning in that advertisement? I'm not going crazy right now, right?" Sure enough, it is. She's featured in two of the four advertisements. We thought this was hilarious and awesome and took photos in front of them. Go figure Lightning would be featured, after that silly dress-up-not-dress-up game.

If You Need a Reminder...

If you need a reminder of how awesome cons can be (or if you're like me, and have been going so long you might have forgotten), read The Improbable Theory of Ana and Zak by Brian Katcher. It will definitely remind you. And give you an excellent story.

I especially recommend it to those who have been to Sakura-Con.

Just sayin'.

Anime Moment of the Day

It was pretty windy earlier on today. On my work route, there's a pretty big cherry tree by the side of the road and the wind was blowing petals out into the road like snow. It was the quintessential "dramatic wind + cherry blossoms" moment. All that was lacking was a very attractive significant other confessing their love for me. Or some equally dramatic confession. Also not driving would have been helpful.


After watching Firefly this summer, I feel kind of sad every time a show is cancelled. Even if it's a show I don't like, I still feel bad. Also because like, five shows that I watched got cancelled after a season. I watch too much TV....