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Anime Moment of the Day

It was pretty windy earlier on today. On my work route, there's a pretty big cherry tree by the side of the road and the wind was blowing petals out into the road like snow. It was the quintessential "dramatic wind + cherry blossoms" moment. All that was lacking was a very attractive significant other confessing their love for me. Or some equally dramatic confession. Also not driving would have been helpful.

Geeky Music

Hey, y'all. Do you remember this video gamer's love song I posted a few years ago? Well, my friend has done it again. Please listen (and maybe buy)!

And for more parody love songs, continue watching! Enjoy!


After watching Firefly this summer, I feel kind of sad every time a show is cancelled. Even if it's a show I don't like, I still feel bad. Also because like, five shows that I watched got cancelled after a season. I watch too much TV....


Hey, did anyone watch Hatsune Miku's network debut last night? I thought they could have picked a different song. It had good energy but it was really hard to tell what she was singing (or in what language), there was so much layering. People laughed when it was explained what she was but at least they clapped...


Since having a stable income, I decided I would finally get back into buying manga, starting with finishing up series I already had. Admittedly these series are a good handful of years old. What I find totally odd though, is that I can find books published in 2008 but I can't find ones published in 2011. Or better yet, I can easily get my hands on books from 2005 but have to scrounge around for books from 2008. Doesn't make much sense to me.

I've nearly completed two of the three series I've been trying to finish up. In one, I only have two more books to get before it's finished. Frustratingly enough, the last two books seem impossible to find. The copies that I can find only go as low at $20 US dollars, and as high as $130 (!!!).

Even $20 is pushing my spending limit. I still begrudge $10 manga (I'm old enough to still remember when it was $5...). Do you think anyone even is willing to spend $130 on one book?