This is the WORLD where I write my musing about manga/anime/video games and make comments on certain aspects. It's just a little something to stir up a conversation so please don't take me TOO seriously on the things I write here. I'd love to hear your opinion so feel free to comment.

Couple Cosplay

I think it would be hilarious if some couple did a cosplay of Honey and Darling from LoZ. You'd have to be a pretty hard core LoZ fan to get it but it would be really easy. All you'd have to do is swoon over each other cooing, "Honey.../Darling..." And maybe occasionally throwing out hearts. Confetti would be good for that.

I think if I ever saw that, I'd die.

I've obviously been playing too much Zelda recently.


I guess this corresponds with the larger theO forum question. But I've been wondering this for a while and am curious what your responses would be. Question: How do you live out your fandom? That's kind of vague so I'll use myself as an explanation.

When I was younger, most of my friends enjoyed anime too. Then for a while I was in an anime club. But now both of those things have passed. So I guess I'm wondering if lots of your friends like anime too, or do you have a group/club that you get together with, or are you singular in your enjoyment? I'd like to know, if you care to share.


At the end of this last semester, a girl in my anthropology class (who is from Japan) gave a very interesting presentation on Japanese-Brazilians. I was struck by her descriptions of Japan. At one point, she said that Japan was a place for all people who are ethnically Japanese. She also had a quote in her presentation about the Yamato Damashii, the spirit of Japan. It amounted to something like being proud of the country that you live in. So for example, Japanese-Brazilians would be part of the spirit of Japan by being good citizens of Brazil.

It was really intriguing to me. Perhaps that is because I am a hybrid myself.

At the end of her presentation, she mentioned that Japan, just this last year, told all of the Japanese-Brazilians in Japan to leave. They have all been given a one-way ticket back to Brazil. She called this the worst kind of racism.


So as I'm browsing through music to listen to at work, I decide to put in Orange Range. And for some reason (maybe partially due to the fact that I just took a Japanese test on foods), I got to thinking, "How do you pronounce that?" I mean, do you pronounce it "orange range" like in English or do you pronounce it "orainjii rainjii?" (I'm probably butchering that katakana.) And if you pronounce it one way or another, does that mean that you are saying it wrong? I mean, it's obvious to tell what the band's name is, even if you don't speak Japanese, and besides, it's written in English, not katakana. So does that mean that it is pronounced "orange range?" Or, because they are a Japanese band, screw how it looks, it's "orainjii rainjii?" Bleh, confusing.

More Sephiroth Musing

WARNING: The following content may contain spoilers for the videogame Final Fantasy VII. Read at your own disgretion.

You know what is just tragic about Sephiroth's character? He's acting on completely false pretenses. After all these years, he's still going around thinking he's a badass because his "mother" was a Cetra. Which it totally wrong! His mother was a completely normal human woman who got injected with Jenova cells. And even then, Jenova wasn't a Cetra at all. Actually they never explain what Jenova is..."Calamity from the Skies"--what the hell does that mean?! Okay, she's an alien. (Actually, that's kind of gross. You've got alien cells in you that make you crazy. Gross.) I think probably Kadaj and the gang are better fitted to call Jenova "mother" because they're clones--they weren't really "birthed." But still, they have the same genetic make-up of Sephiroth so I'm sure they've got some Hojo and Lucrecia DNA in there somewhere.

So I'm really curious what would happen if someone just broke the news to Sephiroth. "Hey, man, you're actually not Cetra. You're just a genetically altered human. Don't sweat it." He'd be going through serious identity crises, I'm sure. Not that I think it'd make him any less crazy because Jenova cells just seem to have that effect on people (even Cloud went through a bit of crazy in the game) but maybe he'd be a little less full of it, you know?