This is the WORLD where I write my musing about manga/anime/video games and make comments on certain aspects. It's just a little something to stir up a conversation so please don't take me TOO seriously on the things I write here. I'd love to hear your opinion so feel free to comment.

Storytelling, Colossi, and Madame Bovary

WARNING: The following content may or may not include spoilers for the Playstation 2 game Shadow of the Colossus and the novel Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. Read at your own discretion. When Shadow of Colossus...

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So I've got this manuscript that I've been working on for three years. Some people know that, some don't. Anyway, I just had it workshopped by the writing club that I'm apart of. One of the comments that I got was: "I saw it kinda like an anime." All of a sudden everyone chimed in with stuff like "Yeah" and "I didn't want to say anything but...," etc.

Is there a certain way of writing that makes it sound like an anime? I can't really tell. Unless there's some sort of knowledge beforehand and I know that later on, this will become a manga or an anime, or was written after one of them, then yeah, that paints the perception.

Maybe it's a name bias. You throw in a Japanese name somewhere and all of a sudden it becomes the script of an anime? I don't know. I talked to my writing teacher about it and she said it was just a thing, not good or bad, just a thing. She thought that, because I read a lot of manga, it rubbed off on me.

I wonder if this is like when you read a large book and then afterwards you write, think, and speak like the author.

I don't know. Their comments kind of freaked me out though ("W-WHAT?! It sounds like an ANIME?!"). I don't know if I should take them as compliments or not. Not like sounding like a manga/anime is a bad thing, I suppose. Maybe I'm just too much of a closet case and having someone point that out sort of scares me.



Hoo. It's been a long time since I've written a musing. I sort of lost my fire there for a while. And it's hard to devote time to sit down and think of these things. But I've got a small one today. I'm sorry it's not the best of quality. ...

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Ruffled Feathers

Even though I posted "Stereotypes of Tsubasa" nearly three months ago (which feels a lot longer than it actually has been) I still get some pretty pointed comments on it. I'm afraid that I offended people. It was never my intention to attack Tsubasa and thus offend people. Like I said in the musing: I love Tsubasa just as much as the next person. I wouldn't want to attack it even if I could. All I'm trying to do with this WORLD is to open a dialogue, get people's opinions and such, while voicing my own thoughts. The last thing I want is a heated argument. Although, they say that argument is a form of dialogue and I welcome a challenge in my opinion...but please try to keep it level and not infuse it with too much malice.

So I hope that I have not offended anyone with my writings but I am pleased that so many people have found interest in it. Thank you for reading!

The Details of Witch Hunter Robin

Fine Print: The Details of Witch Hunter Robin WARNING: The following content contains spoilers for the series "Witch Hunter Robin." Read at your own discretion. Witch Hunter Robin (which I will call WHR from now o...

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