This is the WORLD where I write my musing about manga/anime/video games and make comments on certain aspects. It's just a little something to stir up a conversation so please don't take me TOO seriously on the things I write here. I'd love to hear your opinion so feel free to comment.


So as I'm browsing through music to listen to at work, I decide to put in Orange Range. And for some reason (maybe partially due to the fact that I just took a Japanese test on foods), I got to thinking, "How do you pronounce that?" I mean, do you pronounce it "orange range" like in English or do you pronounce it "orainjii rainjii?" (I'm probably butchering that katakana.) And if you pronounce it one way or another, does that mean that you are saying it wrong? I mean, it's obvious to tell what the band's name is, even if you don't speak Japanese, and besides, it's written in English, not katakana. So does that mean that it is pronounced "orange range?" Or, because they are a Japanese band, screw how it looks, it's "orainjii rainjii?" Bleh, confusing.