Omu yakisoba pan!

I made sweet pool's Komanami's special, omu yakisoba pan!

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The legendary omu yakisoba pan which Tetsuo and Makoto are so crazy over, which sells out in the first 10 minutes of lunch break! 8D

Will post process/recipe later at cappuccino. Will be making sweet pool bentou soon 8D

Yes, you know my love for something is strong when it starts to extend to my beloved food *B-rated gourmet*

Sweet Pool game translation project

I'm not dead yet, but I will be soon.

I am currently translating Sweet Pool. Well, checking on the ones translated by the previous person before I can move to new scripts because most of the translated scripts have mistakes and everything needs to be edited OTL Wish me luck!

Sweet Pool game translation project

Also, I did a bunch of sweet pool drama CD translations, for those who are interested:

-a moment-
-after school-

Lost Days:
Lost Days (from Amazon tokuten CD)

Specials from the website:
New Year

Everything else:
駒波学園 学園祭 Cast Comments
sweet pool drama CD ~駒波学園 学園祭~ summary
sweet pool special dramas from website (everything else on the site before) download and summaries

To sign off this post, I drew that 優勝な雄、哲雄 (who I realise his name has 雄, which is the Japanese kanji for "male" (animal specific). Also, Youji's nephew, 悠司 (Yuuji, the 悠 from Youji's sister's husband's name, and the 司 from Youji's name), can be a pun of 雄司 (Yuuji, only this time, the 雄 comes from Tetsuo's name XDDD TetsuoxYouji for the win!)


For more artworks, go to cappuccino


Hey guys, I just created a new art blog for my Nitro+CHiRAL fanarts:

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Please be giving it some love! 8D I'll be posting most of my new (more Nitro+CHiRAL related) works there now. BL included 8D This means that I won't be updating my galleries in DA and here as much anymore (but I'll still hang out). Erm yes, I finally chose that name because it's my favourite coffee and it sounds nice anyway XD

P.S. Gimme Webclaps/拍手s if you like what you see 8D You can leave comments in them too 8D

Fujoshi Deka

Went to the movies/music etc store today and sis saw something which made me run back to get it after second thoughts XD

That something is what I'm currently watching and enjoying every bit of ;w; It's called


It's about a policewoman fujoshi, I love it! Everything reminds me of N+C and Bitro and sparkly things. ;w; The opening immediately made me think of Arbitro XD

The first things I see are Togainu no Chi CGs on a website next to the words "腐女子とは?" (What is a fujoshi?) where the guys were surfing the net OTL I wanna raid her room, she has all the N+C figurines including the one coin figures, AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I wanna raid her room ;w; Looking at the credits, Nitro+ were involved in the props OTL There was even a fujoshi committee involved in the drama ;w;

It covered quite a lot of aspects of fujoshi themes, including doctors, megane, forbidden brotherly love, highschool, seiyuu and so on, but it wasn't as bad as I made it sound. It was mostly crack and it was so fun to watch ;w; There were a lot of good-looking men in it too OTL Most fujoshi would probably laugh at the silliness and hope that we don't end up to their extremity. ;w; For example, the main character Hoshi uses her fujoshi techniques to solve cases. While she always gets the correct perpetrator, they tend to be for the wrong reason (usually BL themed) ;w;

I can't see BL in real life (it's different to real life homosexuals, or so I heard), nor do I mix it with real life. BL to me seems more like an escape from reality, but anywayyyy

All fujoshi out there, watch it! I think you'll all be chuckling at the crack if you're not too busy swooning over the guys (Travolta's my favourite :D).

Just ordered

Still sick (according to a friend who stopped by today, "I need happy pills for my ill little face" :'D) but I suppose a little bit better. Wastepaper basket almost full now :'D According to another friend who just came back from Japan with the good stuff for me, BL will help me recover 8D

So with the help of sis, I just ordered:

- 狗ラジ TB-SHOW
- Bardo Anthology (yay, finally all complete(have Rai and Asato anthology))
- 咎狗の血 6 (B’s LOG Comics) (Yay, can continue! (have Vol 4-5, will get 1-3 later))

I tried to order -fragment- sweet pool OST, but they wouldn't ship overseas *SOB* TAT Noooooooooooooooo. Any sweet pool merchandise is what I need right now ;w; I really want to hear Watanabe's cover on Miracle May too :D

My favourite doujinshika's works, HOPE of Batten Cluster are so difficult to find too TAT The only ones I managed to get are through the help of two lovelies, "Mind Umbrella" and "Nameless Night" through one friend, and "scar" and "Arbitro anthology" (which is gonna be crack!) through another friend. I have yet to receive them through the mail 8D I can't wait!

Yay for retail therapy! Because Chinese New Year makes us unmarrieds richer a bit haha

Okay, back to bed to do more goose imitations *honk honk sniff*

Here, a quick Togainu no Chi sketch I did (by memory so sorry for any inaccuracies ;w;) at the bus stop last year while waiting for the bus at uni:

Was drawing Kiriwar when the bus arrived OTL