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I've seem to have taken up a rabbit monarch persona.

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♦ Despite having a lot of things to say, I'm afraid of sounding rude, blah, or insincere on the internet.
♦ Since 2009, I've developed a strong affection for Red Crowned Cranes; a larger species of crane, currently considered "Rare" and "Endangered" due to loss of habitat in regions of China . I want to travel to Hokkaido in the early spring to see the birds!

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Rehi's Wagon w/ Description

Have an image to suggest what Rehi's home would look like!
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A little smaller than it should be though. Paka is correct. < ,<

The concept is simple: the wagon is Rehi's home away from home. Once the color of red poppies, the tint is now an aged pastel border around oranges, rich violets, and glossy gold-colored paints spread out as elaborate motifs. The wheels of the wagon are sturdy, strong, and constructed by tightly woven threads of Rehi's magic. The magic threads are easily mended and have overtaken the under-workings of the wagon and replaced much of its original pieces, aside from most of the underlying metal bars and fastenings.
The wagon itself is also pulled by a creature of knitted-fancy: A four-legged, horned, powdery blue beast which is easily larger than most oxen (and about three heads taller than Rehi). Its size and deep lengthy grunts may come off as intimidating, but it is widely inanimate under its own will. The knitted beast is called Paka and "he" must be controlled or prearranged to follow the instruction of taking the lead. More than often, Rehi will be seated on Paka and controlling his knitted creating with a pair of knitting needles (which are stuck into Paka's head for safe keeping).

Now, pretend you live in here.
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A stove. Bed. Two trunk seats. For some reason a medicine cabinet. A gilded sword over your bed and wide window across from the stove/fireplace...

What other goodies would you cram in there? ' u'
*I'm actually out of ideas for wall decor... I thinking about maps or something...

Rehi's wagon is twelve feet in length, nine feet tall, and inches under six feet wide. The wagon features two windows and thin windows encompassing the perimeter of the arched ceiling to allow some light without lamps. The "essential" pieces of his home are: a bed, snug in an alcove with a heavy curtain for privacy, above a large storage space of equal size; an iron stove, and two trunks disguised as a seating. There is a dresser between his bed and the longer trunk-seat and a large window behind. The wagon features shelf space above the stove, where a balance scale sits, and three corner shelves scaling beside the smaller trunk-seat and the bed. Rehi also keeps a medicine chest near the door and an iron kettle at the foot of the stove.
Of the many items displayed around Rehi's wagon there is a small picture frame kept at his bedside which displays a portrait of a young hylian woman with hair carefully styled into bouncy ringlets.

8th for Kiip

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'three cheers for the post. three cheers for the Grooviest of Boars

I have a goal....!

Regrettably, I've not been paying too much mind on the sketches I've got for my on-going fancomic (don't know if anyone is actually really paying it a lot of mind) and i've set myself up with six pages; rough and ready for being refined!

My goal (given that I don't get side-tracked) is to post at least 6 pages before the end of January!

Have a take at page 67~