This world is my reflection on: my art and other items that spark my interest (including some of my characters)

I've seem to have taken up a rabbit monarch persona.

ME Trivia!
♦ Despite having a lot of things to say, I'm afraid of sounding rude, blah, or insincere on the internet.
♦ Since 2009, I've developed a strong affection for Red Crowned Cranes; a larger species of crane, currently considered "Rare" and "Endangered" due to loss of habitat in regions of China . I want to travel to Hokkaido in the early spring to see the birds!

I will post any links to direct character posts here:|Rehi|

: 3 Yay~

They came. Today is a good day. Now they live in a portfolio~

'three cheers for the post. three cheers for the Grooviest of Boars

I have a goal....!

Regrettably, I've not been paying too much mind on the sketches I've got for my on-going fancomic (don't know if anyone is actually really paying it a lot of mind) and i've set myself up with six pages; rough and ready for being refined!

My goal (given that I don't get side-tracked) is to post at least 6 pages before the end of January!

Have a take at page 67~


A Wish List? Nah, not really... (Also, done hiding!)

Oohh~ It's a wonderful idea, really. But, I've not the heart to really ask anything of anyone here. I've not done much for many and I feel very undeserving. I always have the earnest feelings that I should "repay" one for doing an image, but nev...

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An Issue of Late...

My graphic tablet kicked the bucket the other day.

Everything, digital art wise, will be on hold.

At least I updated one of my files with a better image of Rehi! Yaaay!

Did I mention that my PC died too? ' u'

Save Hyrule! Character : Rehi

Name: Rehi (REH-hee) Nickname: Gender: Male Race: Hylian Age: 23 DOB: February 22nd Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Height: 5'9 Weight: 144 lbs Hair color(s): Dark Grayish Blue Eye col...

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