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Mood~ Tired (3/4/10)

Requests~ Friends Only

Anger Scale~ 4/10 (3/3/10)

Art Trades~ Open

Dating Status~ Single

Age~ 16

Eye~ Green/blue

Hair~ Dark Blonde

Skin~ Pale

Favorite Color~ Green

To Do List:


"DaSani(*) Academy"

Art-Trade with MagicRinger

Art-Trade with Yumi-chan

"Of Lightning and Heart"

"Koneko Summer"




Sunrise: Contest

So... in the mini manga made for Lunastarz's birthday, the main characters are Renji and Tsukiyo. I want to see if you can draw them together like a valintine's day contest thing. Here are the prizes:

The first place winner will get a colored request, a five page manga request, and their picture in a wallpaper.

Second place will get a lineart request and a one to two page manga request.

Third place will get a colored lineart request.

Interested anyone?

Jackie-chan's B-day gift...

Ok... so it was Lunastarz's birthday on the 16th, and I'm making her a short comic for her gift! I'll be uploading the comic in bulk; so in other words... whatever I get done before I go to bed, I'll post. I hope you'll like it Saku-hime! Happy birthday! ^.^



Ok, some of you may have heard the announcement that I'll be posting the first chapter of my story, Kissu-Kisu Neko. Yes, it is true. I was never planning on posting it, EVER, because eventually, I believe that this is the manga that I want to be known for if I actually do become a Mangaka; and, well, I don't exactly want all of my ideas out there because I know someone somewhere is going to want to steal the idea and copywright it before I get the chance to! Lol... I'm kidding about the last part... Like anyone would go that far... would they? O.o

If you haven't seen the cover, go here to check it out:


I've been having a little trouble with trying to figure out how to start it... so I might go ask the editors for help, Lol. (And by the way... I don't HAVE any editors! Lol! Hopefully, my friends can help! Hahaha!)

When I'm updating the comic, It'll be like, one page a day until I get the entire thing up; so you'll have to be nice boys and girls and WAIT. Lol!

Thank you! And have a nice day! (Lol, how corny is that?)


The Pennsylvania Govoner's Schools of Exelence thing is over for me at the moment, so I can get started on your requests! I'll be going in ABC order. Here's the line up:

xoMiharuChanxo ........ Crossover

TrinityLight .......... Death Note

meow2puchiko .......... Detective Loki

meow2puchiko .......... FullMetal Alchemist

Hikari Mogami ......... Naruto

satomi88 .............. Original

Lunastarz ............. Original

Troublesum Shika ...... Vampire Knight

meow2puchiko .......... Vampire Knight

Shadweh ............... Yu Yu Hakusho

tiggerola ............. Yu Yu Hakusho

Blackfeather27 ........ Kingdom Hearts

That's it for round one! If you leve a request after now, no matter where you post, you'll be sent to the bottom of the list. Sorries! But don't worry! I'll get to you eventually~ So every time I get one done, I'll post the list again with any new people with the name that's done crossed out. That way, I don't loose track of who I've done! ^.^

Fanart Feature!

Omigosh! Thank you everyone so much for viewing my first Suzu picture! Because of all you wonderful people, I got my first fanart on the featured line! I'm so grateful to all of you! *Happiness Overload* I hope that it will happen again someday! So please, keep viewing my pictures! It makes me want to draw more!

Here she is, Miss "My First Featured FanArt"!:

*Dumb song plays...* Lol, Thanks again!