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works in progress... [email protected]

hello theO..~~ really.. hello... :3

i was away from art but i havent forgotten to draw.. it seems i can still draw.... lol...

i have some sketches and wips in my facebook https://www.facebook.com/reirei18 that i decided not to post here coz they're just.. wips and scratches and drafts and just a flood in ur backroom... :x but here are some previews and if u have facebook, pls like and follow my page - im more active there since it's easier to comment/reply.. XD

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i appreciate that some of u still support my uploads here and thanks for the messages~~ talk to u later.. or catch u in fb..

2 wips due soon.... >A<!

first off, a commission to be pick up on fanexpo next week.... @[email protected];;

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i just started yesterday... couldnt finish coz i keep jumping to this one.. XD

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^ supposed to be due on aug. 15 but glad they extend it to sept.1... problem is, im away to fanexpo til 29th and doubt that i can work on it there or after........ gaaah............. but i think i can finish both by sunday so i can just color on monday and off to toronto on tuesday with nothing to worry about.... hopefully.... XD

read blog post about the gaia artbook project --> here <--

commission wips..

ah, hello wip world.... it's been a while.. i think i was posting wips in my website but i dont want to put my dumps there.. and to be consistent, i had more wips in this world.. XD


im flooded with commissions and so here are some wips..

the first one coming soon..
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pure digital.. OTL..
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this one's a weird one... i was like huh when i read the description but it's turning out to be fun.. XD first bald character too.. XD
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and then this one, i was unsure so i made 2 so the commissioner can choose.. XD
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im liking the first one.. it was the first i drew too but i thought i could do better if i draw her again but the second one is bleh.... so i guess i'll forward these to the commissioner so i know which one she likes better.. >x<

eeh.. i wont be around for the next days or maybe a week or so.. my USA vacation is coming to an end and im preparing to go home to canada... aaah... finally home in a few days from now.. and that being said, i still have lots of shopping to do and packing my luggage will be a hassle.... XD and then i need to prepare for ai-kon..... OTL hopefully i find some good print shops coz i sold out a bunch from the previous and wont have enough to sell for that convention... aaah..... and i need to work on these commissions.. there's more but i'll leave the other previews some other time.. >_>

anyway, thanks for dropping by.. comments are appreciated.. talk to u guys later..~ *hugs* <3


wip for kiriban prize..

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guess who..? XD i was watching rurouni kenshin til last week so it might've been influenced but it's not from kenshin.. >v<

and avi collection...

External Image <-- old sleeping me.. XD
External Image <-- i cant find the animated one.. >A<!
External Image <-- pic soon.. :D

which u like better..? XD

cargo: avi made by feonalily..~~<3

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3d models progress...

from the previous post, here's an updated version of the head..

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done in zbrush.. looks so much better than the previous but she's got the fat cheeks... XD needs more work.. OTL


and a process of a full body..

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done in zbrush using zspheres.. ugh super skinny.. i dunno about proportions but it looks about right.. does it..? o__o;


2d art....? none.... working on 2d animation for our game's intro cinematic... x_______x"