So I'm obsessed with Reno. THERE I SAID IT!! I am constantly drawing Reno, writing about Reno, looking at pictures of Reno, watching videos of Reno.. et cetera, et cetera.
So yeah, I um... like Reno. So this is where all my crazy Reno stuff is gonna go.


Silver Hair and Summer Heat

So! I'm back! Again! ^^; Aheheh... another story about Reno. This was written for my friend Deanna, and because of that, there are a few disclaimers that must be attached: 1. YAOI ALERT! RenoxYazoo. I think they call that Renzoo? X...

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Is this sad?

There are eight entries in the FFVII fan words category.
Four of them are mine.
I need to get out more, methinks...

IT WOOOOORKED! *Ed noodle arms*

Okay, so In the Workplace is still slightly fail, but I modified the post and it worked! It still fails to separate the first three pages (I'm trying to fix that) but at least now it's showing up! yaaaaay!!

In the Workplace

XD, Turks in an office, yo! Yup, just a bunch of random shorts. About the Turks. Doing office work. Sorta. Really more Reno annoying the hell out of Elena and Tseng, and Rude having to cope with his antics. Because we all know that redhe...

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My own world, turned against me. T_T

Yeah, it officially hates me. It's refusing to let me see the last post I just posted. Uhh... if you can't see it either then um... If you really want to see my silly writings, this is a link to my site, with the story I just recently tried to post. And epic failed at.
Why, world, why? T_T