In the Workplace

XD, Turks in an office, yo!
Yup, just a bunch of random shorts. About the Turks. Doing office work. Sorta. Really more Reno annoying the hell out of Elena and Tseng, and Rude having to cope with his antics. Because we all know that redhead can be trouble...
Have fun reading, yo!


If there was one person Elena found more irksome than any other man in all of Midgar, it was Reno. She couldn't fathom how a man that lazy and incompetent had ever made it far in the company, not to mention second in command of the Turks. She had wondered once if maybe he was sleeping with Rufus Shinra, or if maybe it was because his family was rich or something to that effect.

'All he ever does is gossip and flirt with the secretaries,' she thought to herself as she walked down a Shinra hallway, toting a large stack of papers she needed signed by the redhead. 'And drink,' she added mentally. Elena sighed. Her darling Tseng would never make such foolish displays.

"If only he'd notice me," she though aloud.

"Who'd notice ya, Laney? Me?"

Elena rolled her eyes visibly. It was him. Why did he always insist on calling her that stupid name? The way he spoke was entirely childish; how a teenager in the slums might speak if he were trying to be cool.

"In your dreams, slick," she said in an annoyed voice. "I need you to sign these, it's the damage report from your latest--"

"It's Tseng then? You got the hots for him, yo?"

Elena contemplated smacking Reno across his smirking face. She didn't want to admit it to him, that'd be like dropping a match in some puddle in Sector 7. However, she couldn't help but blush.

"Ah, so it is him. You got fine taste, yo," Reno said laughing. Elena blushed even redder. "C'mon Laney, buck it up! Ask Tsengy-poo out for a drink. He could use it too, acting like he has a broom up his--"

"No. That's quite enough from you, you stupid mongrel! Just sign the papers."

Reno laughed again and smirked at her. Oh, how Elena loathed that stupid smirk.

"Comin' from you Laney, that's almost a compliment, yo." Elena glared at him. He seemed to find that even more amusing, because he laughed. "Hey listen, Tseng's right over there. Why don't I just--?"

"No Reno, don't!" Elena said, panicked. But it was too late.

"Yo, Tseng! Elena wants to ask you something!"

Elena tried to run, but Reno caught her by the wrist.

'Damn he's strong,' she thought as she tried to tug away. There was no use. She could see Tseng approaching them and butterflies began to explode in her stomach. Damn Reno. Damn him and his stupid strong grip.

"Yes?" Tseng said in his oh-so-cool-and-proper voice. "What is it Elena?"

"I- uhhh- I was- I have to go!" Elena finally broke free from Reno and ran down a hallway, clutching the papers to her chest. 'I'll forge his signature,' she thought, gritting her teeth. 'Moron.'

"Reno was that entirely necessary?" Tseng said disapprovingly after the blond had made her exit.

"Oh come on!" Reno said. "The chick's crazy about you, yo! You two should hook up, it'd be sweet.

"It... wouldn't be proper," Tseng said, blushing slightly. He left hurriedly.

Reno laughed to himself an ran a hand through his red spiky hair.

"There's hope for those two yet," he thought, shaking his head.