Today is the guitarist from the gazette's birthday.

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stage name: Aoi (uses a kanji for a hollyhock flower)
real name: Shiroyama (last name) Yuu (first name)
birthday: Jan.20 1979
age today: 30!!!

gawd he looks hella good for his age. I hope he has a great birthday.

5 for 7

Hello there. I was gone for a long while because my computer had a virus but it's all better now. Yep, how was everyone's holidays? I bought my first shoujo manga and I have to say, it is not very shoujo at all, it's more like shonen.

I also completed my Chrono Crusade series. It took me 5 years to collect 7 dvds. The last dvd, volume 7 called Hellfire is surprising. I really did not think that the series would end the way that it did, it really surprised me. Of all the stupid anime that have second parts for no goddamn reason, this series really need a second part but I won't tell you why just in case anyone is still watching the series.

It's a great series overall, it deserves 5 stars for mixing comedy with drama and sci-fi - supernatural action with deep characters and an upmost gorgeous, perfect villian. Aion the Sinner never once thought about becoming 'good'. Great art and aptly done voice acting, yay applaud the seiyuu. I give Chrono Crusade a thumbs up.

Tour 08

Dir en grey is currently on tour in the USA and I have the ticket to their New York show which I could NOT make it to. I am highly upset about that too. Seriously I am, I wanna see them alone, unlike when I saw them with the Family Values tour cause they were uncomfortable there. However I do have their new cd Uroboros and lets just say, [WARNING] this cd is NOT for people who do not like hard, heavy heavy metal. No it's not.

Uroboros track listing

1.) Sa Bir (instrumental intro)
2.) Vinushka (will be next single)
3.) Red Soil
4.) Doukoku To Sarinu
5.) Toguro
6.) Glass Skin (English version)
7.) Stuck Man
8.) Reiketsu Nariseba
9.) Ware, Yami Tote...
10.) Bugaboo
11.) Gaika Chinmoku Ga Nemuru Koro
12.) Dozing Green (English version)
13.) Inconvinent Ideal
14.) Dozing Green (Japanese version)

All the songs are in Japanese with the exception of the english version of the 2 previous singles.

"Fake God, wake up and go to Hell"


"Love is something we're all supposed to want
She lowers herself down and at times get fucked"

Yeah Kyo has reached new heights of disturbing both with his vocals and lyrics but if you read the words carefully, they're all so meaningful and true. There's a reality no one wants to see.

I'm not found of the english version of "Glass Skin", I like it better in Japanese but I like the english to "Dozing Green". All in all this albulm should recieve a 10 stars. You can hear every instrument being played and Kyo's vocals are just ---------- no words.

my favorite songs are:

Red Soil
Reiketsu Nariseba
Ware, Yami Tote...
tracks 11 to 14

and luckily I have the ability to sleep to ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING although I woke up at 7 this morning cause I was cold. You can either buy this cd at Hot Topic or FYI for the cd alone its $9.99 and for the Limited Edition w/ dvd its $19.99. Luckily they get sold in 2 stores where I live. ^_^. I wanted to show you all the new pic of the band but I don't have it. Well that's it.

Let Us Hope Right Now

This morning I set off on a pilgrimage to job hunt and after walking and visiting many stores on the other side of town, I walked into a store and the door to Heaven opened and the Angels sung as I approached the woman behind the counter and greeted then asked the question, "are you hiring?" And she jumped at the task to tell me she was and for part time! Thus this patron of some kinda saint began to tell me about the application only available online and to call her when I was done.

Thus I did as I was told like Moses told the Jews about the Ten Commandments.

The answer I recieved was something about her giving me a call in a week, the end of this week/two weeks (?)

Thus not I forget, I have a lot of applications floating around for seasonal for the holidays people.


I have a ticket to go see Dir en grey but I felt like me actually getting there was hopeless and I so stupidly spent the money I was saving to go. But at that expense I got Slipknot's new cd and Girugamesh's first release here. Squee for them. So admist this faith and hope that I am making fun of, I don't think I will be able to see them Nov.14. That sucks but at least I got to see them once in my life right? Right.

I'm dying on the inside if you can't tell.

and I meant that too. ^_^

see the emoticons confused you and you don't know if I'm serious anymore.


I like my gazeRock is not Dead boys so I ordered a live dvd from their 06-07 tour in August but have not got it now I just recieved an email telling me that it was backordered. FUCKERS! I need my daily dose of Aoiness and Uruhagasms or else these people will suffer a horrible and hardcore yaoi fanfic written at my hands and Reita will be killed in this fic and Ruki will leave the gazette to become....dare I say it......A RAPPER!!! And Kai...well Kai will just be there. Wait a minute there is a fanfic like that! And I did write it and I still didn't get the dvd.