I stole this....

I got this from Nabgeta's site, and dispite how close he lives to me, I haven't seen him in months, and he stole this from someone else so here.


-What's your full name?

-What's your nickname?
Kyou, Kyou-chan, Ari-chan

-When's your birthday?

-What's your favorite color?

-What do you hate most?
i hate too many things *imitates Sasuke fr/ Naruto* and there is someone I have sworn to kill ^^

-What do you love most?
uhhhh *heads explode*

-What are your favorite creatures?

-Do you watch cartoons?
yes both american and japanese

-What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?
umm I'm not sure

-Wow, you're pretty stupid...
my sister tells me that i should be a blonde

-Which one of your characters do you like most?
Teisek & Satsuki

-Which one would you trash?

-What would you do if someone stole your work?
can the person who stole my work pronounce the character's name first?

-What are your views on online dating?
well I do sexually harrass this one person...

-What kind of people do you like?
people like me

-Would you still be nice to a boring deviant or otakuian?
ahhh sure

-What would you do if someone flamed you?
scream cause I'm on fire


guten tag

- 0____o What's your name?
Gigen Akanairh

-How old are you?
I was 17 when the story started and 20 when it ended

-What species are you?

-Are you male or female?
female of course

-If you had to chose just one place to live for the rest of your life, where would it be?
anywhere but here

-how creative do you think your human/creator is?
every single second of the day that person is thinking of something and its mostly yaoi.

-Could you describe your personality to us?
i could.....

-Hmm...Interesting...tell me your life story, if you don't mind.
read what my author wrote in her purple notebook


-If there was any other character here on TheO that you would do *wink wink* who would it be?
I have too many characters....

-Are you planning on getting re-designed anytime soon?

-Good or Evil?
EVIL (well Gigen is good though)

-ok so this quiz about your highness is over, any last words?
I love that song but cd player is making the re-recorded version skip like hell grr you cd player grr you


guess what? you can hear rips of the gazette's new song "Leech". To me its kinda weird, not really fond of it.


strange enough I ordered a gazette dvd a while ago and still haven't recieved it. WTF? and while I was thinking about it I was playing my guitar and my A string broke. IT WAS AOI'S FAULT, he thinks cause his amplifier dies he has to kill my A string. that bastard! hahaha.

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Final Fantasy Dissidia

I was at my friend's house when he showed me a Japanese original copy of Shonen Jump and as I flipped through it, trying to read various kanji I saw an ad and article about a game.

Final Fantasy Dissidia

a fighting versus game featuring the cast of the FF series. Freakin' awesome. Now the game is only 50% done and I'm pretty sure its for the PSP system, or indications have lead me to believe that. And what really got me into it was that my fav FF character, Tidus (FFX), is in it and he fights his father, Jecht. HELL YEAH!!!

Now I don't own a PSP but I will buy this game and a PSP just to play it. Now check out some pics

External Image
Tidus the Reanimation, supposedely he's younger in this game than the original FFX

Tetsu Nomura is weird........^_^

External Image

External Image
Squall who I'm assuming is also younger and Firio from FFII

External Image
Tidus again baby, I hope his voice stays the same ^^

Tidus vs Jecht, MIND YO FATHER!!

in Shonen Jump, I saw Lulu and there's some special feature about the moogles too, and on youtube there are trailers and I saw Sephiroth. I hope Sephy and Cloud are included in this game. I'm so excited, I WANT THIS GAME!!!!!

I Scream into the Night for You

Yesterday I took a day trip to Rhode Island with my mother and sister, we had many lucky mistakes. Providence looks a lot like New York and when we were leaving, I saw a girl who had a L plushie, I wanted to yell out to her but I didn't. I wished I had though. I was really tired when I got home.

I feel like a friend has started to dislike me so I left this person alone, then I hear that this person wanted to know something but.....
I realize that I'm not the nicest person in the world and I should stop making ppl deal with me and I have. for some reason, I felt really happy when I had this conversation with someone, here read:
real conversation I had on my IM.

strange ne? no not really.

I was reading an interview about the guitarist of a band I like in which I'm still waiting to recieve the damn dvd and the guy seemed so lonely, how sad. I used to look at the guy and feel itimidated cause he looked so angry and serious and now I just pity him. yeah this guy here. he unprovokedly said that he wasn't gay, okay...........??

as you can see, there's no reason for my post. at all,

mata ai masho

Your character profile

here at the otaku, everyone is an otaku so i look at my name and onsite persona as a character. I'll write some things about my character and you do the same, ne?

name: Kyoshiro Elric
sex: female
age: unknown
height: 5'6"
weight: slaps - how dare you ask
birthplace: Osaka, Japan
birthday: October 26, year unknown
favorite color: red
favorite food: sweet potato (pie)
favorite drink: asti (champagne)
weapon: katana
favorite band: Dir en grey
favorite song: "Amongst Foolish Enemies" (Rentrer en soi)
favorite anime: Naruto
favorite character: Uchiha Sasuke

well that's it for now, I'm being lazy

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Dir en grey:(from left to right) Shinya-drums, Toshiya-bass, Kyo-vocals, Kaoru-guitar, Die-rythem guitar

External Image

and kyo is older than uruha but is shorter. much shorter.