Hello Resident Evil fans here u will be able to see opinions of everyone who posts in this world. so lets have fun

cry plays resident evil

Here is a vid of cry and a friend of his playing resident evil 6

Other Asian Characters

Hey guys,I was just bored you know. Anyways, I hate how people say Ada Wong and Four-Eyes are the only Asian character in the Resident Evil series. As an Asian, I decided to search some others and these two characters were forgotten. Fong Ling of Resident Evil: Dead Aim is a Chinese agent who should've been in RE6. She was awesome enough to appear in a Cross game, Namco X Capcom. And the other one is Yoko Suzuki, a former, playable Umbrella scientist. I hope more acknowledgement is shown to these two!

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Favorite Resident Evil 6 Boss

ok for those who have played resident evil 6 who is ur fav boss from the game mine would be this ugly thing called Lepotitsa and trust me these were somewhat annoying

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Resident Evil 6

Here is a view of the new Resident Evil 6 enjoy all of u zombie killers >D

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New movie

ok fans here is a trailer of the new resident evil movie Retribution enjoy >D