Oh, Thesis D:

I'm in the 5th semester of my uni now, which makes the thesis class available a year after this one. This may not sound familiar to people living outside of my country C: Basically, to graduate and get a bachelor degree you'll need to complete a thesis.

Sooo.. My major is English Lit.
I'm currently taking a preparation class to determine my thesis' topic and title, which is 100% difficult. Not only does I choose to analyze a video game (something which has never been done before), but also the teacher is very irritating. She doesn't like the idea of analyzing a video game in the very first place. She said, "How can a video game be analyzed?"
Well tomorrow we're going to have an individual conference regarding this, and I'm sooo gonna prove her wrong :D I owe my whole knowledge of English to video games. This is something I'll definitely fight for.

My thesis will cover the Xenosaga trilogy, with the main focus on the 3rd episode (Also Sprach Zarathustra). I have many options to choose from, but I decided to analyze Shion's relationship with KOS-MOS based on psychological approach.

Speaking of which, does anyone know a member @ TheO who is familiar with psychology? :3 and if possible, someone who loves video games too :D I'd like to consult a bit with him/her.

Have a great day everyone!
(Phew, writing this does make me feel relief XD)