Learning History Through Video Games

History is not everyone's favorite subject, and I am aware of that. Most people think that history is boring, and nothing will be gained through learning it. Some other think that what had happened in the past has no correlation with the present. People simply refer to History as "boring".

In this essay, I will try to give examples why learning History is actually fun. My favorite approach is through video games. A gamescript author usually does some research before s/he starts writing the script. Here are some interesting examples of History (mainly in Mythology):

1. Shadow Hearts 2 : did you know that almost all the places and stories in Shadow Hearts 2 are based on facts? Take for an example, the Machu Picchu ruins. This ruins actually exists in Peru. The building in Shadow Hearts 2 resembles the true one. Another infamous place in Shadow Hearts 2 is the Alcatraz Island. This island has an enormous prison to jail lots of well-known criminals such as Al Capone. This "Al Capone" also exists in Shadow Hearts 2, and his background story is more or less based on true facts. Another interesting fact is that Shadow Hearts 2's monsters are based on mythology. You may remember Chucapabra. In wikipedia, this monster is said to be seen around Mexico, and that is where this monster is located in Shadow Hearts 2.

2. Final Fantasy series : one of the most crucial part in Final Fantasy series is summon. Summons are generally taken from lots of mythology. Take for an example, the famous Leviathan. This sea dragon is mentioned in some part of the bible (Psalms 74:13-14; Job 41; Isaiah 27:1). Another example is Odin. In Greek mythology, he is said to be the one who led gods in the war against monsters (led by Loki) in Ragnarok (a battle at the end of the world). There are lots of examples regarding summon if you look in the net ^___^

3. Persona 3-4 : almost the same as Final Fantasy series, but summon here is known as Persona. In Persona, you can attend school and listen to lectures, and in some parts a particular teacher actually tells you about mythology. Here's a myth that was mentioned about how Japan existed. Long time ago, there lived a god and goddess called Izanagi and Izanami. They are spouse, and they lived happily. Sadly, Izanami died when giving birth to her child. Izanagi, drown in his sadness, begged the underworld lord to return Izanami. He agreed, but Izanagi must not look at Izamani who is following him until he saw sunlight. On halfway, Izanagi turned his back and saw a monstrous and hellish state of her wife. Izanagi ran and then closed the entrance. Izanami promised to kill a thousand of his people every day. Izanagi retorted that a thousand and five hundred will be born every day. Another interesting fact in Persona is tarot card. Tarot also has its own story.

4. Xenosaga : Xenosaga, unlike the other games, has a story based on controversial topics. Xenosaga mentioned about Mary, Holy Grail, and another religious topics. The most controversial part is maybe about Testament, a group of people who claimed to be immortal and gods. If you browsed through the net, you might found out that some part of the story is actually true.

Well, isn't history interesting?

(Information is cited from wikipedia)