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Little info about me
Well I'm British and I'm in to all things animated and nostalgia.
I've grown up with every cartoon going and have watched hundreds of anime.
Oh and to answer a question I was asked once, no I don't wear glasses in real life, I would wear Loke's sunglasses though.

Top 150 Anime 2021

And this is the most up to date, some titles are off, replaced by newer ones.
This is a Live List so expect it to change over time.
Now a Top 150
Ten Spaces free for viewer suggestion, see discord for more.

1st: Black Lagoon
2nd: Slayers
3rd: Dirty Pair
4th: Lupin the 3rd
5th: Precure
6th: Ranma 1/2
7th: Cowboy Bebop
8th: Fairy Tail
9th: Jing King of Bandits
10th: Nisekoi
11th: Riding Bean/Gunsmith Cats
12th: Little Witch Academia
13th: Zoids
14th: Girls Und Panzer
15th: Dominion Tank Police
16th: Card Captor Sakura
17th: Paradise Kiss
18th: Log Horizon
19th: Shimoneta
20th: Shokugeki no Soma Food Wars
21st: Hidamari Sketch
22nd: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
23rd: Tenchi Muyo
24th: Azumanga Daioh
25th: Bubblegum Crisis
26th: Great Teacher Onizuka
27th: Maid-Sama
28th: Ouran High School Host Club
29th: Nerima Daikon Brothers
30th: Ex-Driver
31st: Amagi Brilliant Park
32nd: Wangan Midnight
33rd: Pokemon
34th: Ashita no Nadja
35th: Moldiver
36th: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
37th: Air Gear
38th: A Certain Scientific Railgun
39th: Inazuma Eleven
40th: Accel World
41st: Naruto
42nd: Dragonball
43rd: Arakawa Under the Bridge
44th: Ancient Magus Bride
45th: Gundam Seed
46th: Onegai Teacher
47th: Hellsing
48th: Happy Lesson
49th: Is This a Zombie
50th: Summer Wars
51st: Digimon
52nd: Sailor Moon
53rd: Super Sonico
54th: Pumpkin Scissors
55th: G Gundam
56th: Restaurant to Another World
57th: Medabots
58th: Trigun
59th: Gurren Lagann
60th: World God Only Knows
61st: K-On!
62nd: Full Metal Alchemist
63rd: Kill La Kill
64th: One Punch Man
65th: Gundam Wing
66th: Hetalia Axis Powers
67th: Martian Successor Nadesico
68th: Yuri On Ice
69th: Aikatsu
70th: School Rumble
71st: Full Metal Panic
72nd: Konosuba
73rd: Keijo!!!
74th: Outlaw Star
75th: Soul Eater
76th: Big O
77th: Goldenboy
78th: Paranoia Agent
79th: Kino's Journey
80th: Gosick
81st: Tiger and Bunny
82nd: Space Dandy
83rd: Hamtaro
84th: Sorcerer Hunters
85th: Battle Angel Alita
86th: Cyber City Oedo 808
87th: Strike Witches
88th: 08th Mobile Suit Team
89th: Kaitou Saint Tail
90th: Excel Saga
91st: Blue Exorcist
92nd: Rising of the Shield Hero
93rd: Monthly Girls' Nozaki-Kun
94th: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
95th: HaruChika
96th: Carole and Tuesday
97th: Tamako Market
98th: Dash Yonkuro
99th: Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai
100th: Baka + Test
101st: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
102nd: Persona 4
103rd: Yu-Gi-Oh!
104th: Violet Evergarden
105th: Bamboo Blade
106th: Demon Slayer
107th: Goblin Slayer
108th: Samurai Pizza Cats
109th: Aware Meisaku Kun
110th: We Rent Tsukumogami
111th: Interspecies Reviewers
112th: Beyblade
113th: Rurouni Kenshin
114th: My Hero Academia
115th: Attack on Titan
116th: PriPara
117th: Fatal Fury
118th: Neon Genesis Evangelion
119th: Creamy Mami
120th: Grenadier
121st: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
122nd: Aggretsuko
123rd: How Heavy are the Dumbbells you Lift?
124th: Actually I Am
125th: Galaxy Angel
126th: 7 Deadly Sins
127th: Sengoku Basara
128th: D Grayman
129th: One Piece
130th: Carnival Phantasm
131st: Lucky Star
132nd: Inuyasha
133rd: Hajime no Ippo
134th: Read or Die
135th: Wedding Peach
136th: Black Butler
137th: Fruits Basket
138th: Vision of Escaflowne
139th: Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans
140th: Uma Musume Pretty Derby

Aikatsu Friends Review

Another trip to Aikatsu for us today.

Aine is in the regular class at Star Harmony academy until a meeting with best friend Mio opens up a path into the idol class opening up a path to become Diamond Friends, the highest rank.
Not really much has changed only the focus is now on pairings and how they interact and perform in the Aikatsu world. While the songs have a serious upgrade along with the Idol business being greatly expanded, it still possesses much of the same problems as the original, it's fine in small doses and the characters aren't that memorable but it's saddled with a couple of extra problems that is unique to this series, the first being the lack of an exciting support cast, the other being too formulaic as everytime it focuses on a different pairing they tend to go through the same plot. The Honey Cat pairing have had arguments in every episode they led while a number of episodes see Aine try too hard only to backfire but get better after, the original doesn't have this problem.
It's still an enjoyable series at it's core and the serious music upgrade is welcomed in this genre.
Obviously no dub, it would be wasted otherwise.
Final Verdict: For the music upgrade alone it's worth continuing Aikatsu but you will be missing a few features from the original.

We Rent Tsukumogami Review

With the new year brings a set of new anime to try out.

Tsukumogami are beloved possessions that take on a youkai form if they've been cherished by it's owner. In this story the Tsukumogami inhabit a rental shop run by non blood siblings Seiji and Oko; the shop exists during the Edo period where fires were common place so having a rental store for objects was just a way to get round it. The story itself revolves around the town inhabitants and their problems which Seiji and Oko solve by lending out Tsukumogami with each of the five having a distinct personality and history.
Notetsu is a bat charm, a trinket similar to modern day phone charms, well looked after until we was passed around as debt payment.
Tsukuyomi is a rare wall scroll who talks big but was hardly used for his purpose mostly because his design is rare.
Usagi is a comb who picked up gossip habits from being used by a mother and daughter who got along really well.
Goi is a smoking pipe who prefers to lay out facts and mediate decisions rather than give his own opinion but as an object used for bringing couples together among commoners will help make that happen.
Ohime is a princess doll that was saved from a life time in storage by a chivalrous thief so romanticizes about it every opportunity she gets.
The story is charming and relaxing with a dash of romance, a good anime to switch to between action shows for a well earned break.
The subject matter is better explained in subtitles over dub, so I doubt one would work.
Final Verdict: This anime was a pleasant surprise, great characters in a good plot does alot to give these 12 episode anime some much needed love.

Idol Fighter Su-Chi-Pai Review

Happy New Year! It's about time I reviewed anime again.

The Legendary Pai are a set of ten Mahjong Tiles of when collected from various monsters and combined are able to grant any wish the user desires.
After these Mahjong tiles are a Magical Hero, an Alien Bunny Girl, a Dominatrix, an Idol from the Magic World and a Cyborg, all of which butt heads for possession of each piece.
It's already off to a rocky start when it's based on a series of strip mahjong games as well as the plot taking directly from the 2nd not 1st game, yet it fails to be hentai which is what it should've been to begin with; while the 90s art looks nice, it's dumb premise along with a very weak cast of very unbalanced characters and scenes of needless violence doesn't make Su-chi-pai a hidden gem among the OVAs.
You've pretty much seen the best it has to offer so expect your viewing to be short.
Slightly shocked it wasn't picked for dubbing as it was released right in the middle of the OVA era.
Final Verdict: It doesn't even register well as an ecchi anime nor a video game franchise for that matter.

Actually I Am...Review

Not part of the Anilog list of YouTube anime but easy enough to find through other official means.

Based on the My Monster Secret manga, Actually I Am, tells the story of Asahi Kuromine who is bad at keeping secrets as his unique personality traits makes him easy to read and tease. He falls for Youko and tries to confess only to discover that she is a vampire by pure accident, it's also revealed that Youko's personality is not of being stand offish or stoic but rather a cute ditzy girl as she tries to avoid drawing attention, this is only the tip of the iceberg as other members of the school reveal their secrets as we also have an Alien piloting a human sized mech, the school reporter with a fortune god in her glasses, a werewolf that changes gender instead of going monster, a couple of demons, an esper and later a time traveller, how will Asahi cope?
I'll start with the good, despite showing itself as an obvious harem it lacks much of the same trappings, we also have the rare case of the protagonist having believable friends as their dynamic is shared with many real life guy groups, usually the guy just has one stupid friend or none at all because he's the only male in school but this is a nice change of pace. I also like that it doesn't go too obvious with it's choice of monster traits.
My only real complaint is the lack of any real funny content, the manga is built with more elaborate facial expressions and a higher emphasis on being a laugh out loud comedy, the anime struggles to match this tone opting for too many quiet moments, doesn't help that Asahi is kind of annoying.
Dub was never made but will be cookie cutter if it was.
Final Verdict: it's better made than you think, just don't expect all the comedy from the manga to translate into the anime.