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Paradise Kiss Review

And finally Paradise Kiss.

Yukari is a student hoping to get into college until one day she is scouted by a group of fashionable teenagers to model their dress for the festival. Yukari initially says no but the words of the group's leader George starts to fill Yukari with new possibilities that question why she should be fixated on college.
After more meetings, Yukari agrees to be the model and quickly befriends the group known as Paradise Kiss, but it soon becomes clear that George's influence is changing Yukari's path as she stops going to school, runs away from home and even sleeps and has sex with George which leads into wanting to pursue modelling as an actual career but more hurdles will get in her way as everything leads to the day that she finally wears the dress for Paradise Kiss.
If you ask me ten years ago, would I watch this anime I'd probably say no but now I'm not only interested but I actually like it.
It becomes more evident that Yukari is a rebel waiting for a cause as she really turns off the path that she was on, really getting to grips what teens her age are going through as they finish high school, and that's really when you start having doubts whether or not going to college is really the be all and end all of finding the perfect job and having a successful life. On the other side of the coin you have to really get into George's head to see if he's really giving advice or throwing insults, he's very cryptic but unlike Edgar in Earl and Fairy actually stays that way right to the end.
If there's anything I don't like is that Miwako has too many scenes, her voice is shreiky and irritating so I don't like it much when she's on screen, the dub is a mixed bag but mostly passable.
Final Verdict: Sophisticated in it's writing, stylish in design, clever in it's characters and a fantastic payoff to end on. Paradise Kiss is a great anime and derserves a lot of praise.

Earl and Fairy Review

2nd review and time to go back to Victorian England.

Lydia is no ordinary Doctor, she's a Fairy Doctor, one who can solve problems by interacting with the many creatures inhabiting the mythical realms of the United Kingdom. Think British Yokai Watch with all the class that comes with being British and it's jolly good setting.
Lydia's world is turned upside down when Edgar the Blue Knight Earl enters the frame, in search of a legendary sword that would grant him this title over the Fairy World, however he needs to prove that he is who he really is and Lydia is not really buying into this either but goes along with it as she's the only one who can solve the problems befalling Edgar.
This is a little easier to understand but the series can be an awkward romance cat and mouse game between Lydia and Edgar as they each trade verbal and emotional blows, Lydia starts off as being skeptical and outright rude to falling in love by the end while Edgar starts off being a suave jerk but later becomes a little too needy and harms his character development as a result, it also doesn't resolve itself by the end so the anime doesn't really have much to close with.
The story doesn't always make clear who is really the protagonist either as Paul seems to be more important in the last few episodes rather than Lydia and Edgar as he sort of takes Lydia's job when a Banshee enters the frame.
I do enjoy the setting and the designs are something I'd admire but I can't really invest myself in the story as it can't decide on the tone without doing the love tug-o-war between the protagonists.
No dub but being set in Britain it needed one.
Final Verdict: Likeable in design but not in story, needs alot of unraveling before you get to the really good stuff but I fear that's all in the manga.

DRAMAtical Murder Review

Three reviews in one day. Hooray!!!

Midorijima Island has been privatized and turned into a resort called Platinum Jail, which resembles a theme park crossed with the cyberspace used to make the Digimon World. The old inhabitants live in peace until a game named Rhyme starts brainwashing people and turning them into what I guess are cyber heads since they are addicted to the game, this draws in Aoba whose unusual dual personality seems to be the key to this mystery as gang leaders and other strange odditities become drawn to Aoba as they work out the mystery behind the brainwashing and it's links to Platinum Jail and why Aoba is such a key player.
My first attempt at trying a more sophisticated anime, as I'm trying to dive into newer territories but this wasn't the best start to this campaign; for all it's flashy color palettes DRAMAtical Murder is a mystery that cannot be solved in 12 episodes and needs to be experienced in game form first.
The bits I like are the Allmates, cute little fluffy pets that act as little computers and having the bad endings in the OVA was an inspired touch.
I'm not keen on the dub voice acting, some scenes are a little flat while others needed a bit more edge to them and the series overall is not something I'd consider watching by choice but I don't regret trying it.
Final Verdict: While very colorful and has great ideas it cannot be done in anime form that easily so I suggest playing the game first.

Top 10 Plots That Are Still Alive

In our second list are the plots that are still going, for better or for worst.

1. Lets Make Everything Fashionable
Concept: Take a concept that needs reinventing and turn it into fashion dolls
Status: Thanks to this plot we've lost Movie Monsters, Fairy Tales, Geeks and even My Little Pony, it's slowly taking over Super Heroes as well.

2. The All Male Hero Team
Concept: Started by Ninja Turtles, a group of male heroes fighting for justice.
Status: Still going by the Ninja Turtles and is still being used by other franchises, even Lego.

3. The Overly Complex Mystery
Concept: Has become a staple of recent cartoons, the overall plot is one giant mystery to be solved.
Status: Looks no sign of stopping if Infinity Train is green lit by Cartoon Network.

4. The Scooby Doo Ghost Plot
Concept: Started by Scooby Doo, copied by clones made by the same creators, solving Groovy Mysteries involving ghosts.
Status: Attempts have been made to make the concept more perilous in nature and even trying the more complex mystery plot but ultimately still the same plot and still done by Scooby Doo.

5. The Man Child Brigade
Concept: An unfortunate addition to the 00s era, young adults acting like ADHD kids when they should have the maturity to hold down a paying job.
Status: Only ever done right by Regular Show, refuses to die and gets worst in quality as more Spongebob clones come out as well as Spongebob himself.

6. The Superhero Plot
Concept: Superheroes, Plain and Simple.
Status: As long as there are major live action superhero films there will be cartoons featuring superheroes.

7. The Spoilt Brat
Concept: A younger child character acting like a spoilt brat.
Status: Started by Caillou, made world famous by Peppa Pig, created a generation of spoilt brats, stop using it before my niece and nephew's generation suffers.

8. The Celebrity Cartoon
Concept: A Celebrity imprinting their image in cartoon form.
Status: You thought it died with MC Hammer didn't you? No it's alive and well thanks to WWE. I look forward to Ice Age 6 featuring John Cena as a wrestling gorilla.

9. The Princess in Training
Concept: A Princess in Training learning how to be a real Princess despite already being one.
Status: Disney have been doing this to death with Sofia the First and Elena of Avalor, it's very tired and often portrays the characters as being too perfect.

10. The Really Insulting Remake
Concept: Take an Old Cartoon and Remake it, in a bad way.
Status: Has been an uncomfortable trend in recent years, anime is equally as guilty at this. Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans, Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny the list goes on.

Top 10 Plots That Are Going Extinct

So it's double list time; over the years cartoons have evolved to a level that far exceeds it's most basic plot so lets have a look at those going extinct and others in the second list that are still alive and well. No real order to this and it can apply to cartoons, anime and in some cases video games so lets start with the extinct list. No real order to this.

1. Damsel in Distress
Concept: Typical Fantasy plot focussing on the dashing hero saving the trapped Princess.
Status: Only Mario really still uses it and in very small doses, has become a subject of ridicule in recent years and condemned by feminists the world over.

2. Hunter vs the Hunted
Concept: A hunter going after the hunted only for the hunted to take revenge in hilarious slapstick ways.
Status: After a small revival in the 90s it's not really recaptured it's form and poor writing has left lead cartoons Tom & Jerry and Looney Tunes struggling to reclaim past glory.

3. Perverted Love Struck Wolves/Male Harem Leads in Anime terms
Concept: In Cartoons it's portrayed as a wolf but in anime it's often a male with access to tons of overly sexy women.
Status: The cartoon version is very much exclusive to Tex Avery and Animaniacs, it really hasn't come back, as for the harem it's being criticized heavily for poor story and being sexist so writers have been more clever with the fanservice, see Keijo!!!! review for an example.

4. Million Dollars with a Catch
Concept: Your a millionaire providing you don't harm innocent creatures.
Status: Classic cartoon plot but because it can come across as mean spirited and often runs hand in hand with money makes you a dick it's sort of faded out.

5. The Boy Genius
Concept: As it says the Boy Genius
Status: Became a popular thing during the 90s but died out in the 00s somewhere round the advent of the Big Bang Theory as well as other shows kind of making the character type more jerkish in nature compared to someone like Dexter or in some cases Jimmy Neutron.

6. The Money Making Scheme
Concept: Whether it's a con or not, the idea is simply to make money but often losing it by the end.
Status: Kind of been killed off by Spongebob's Mr Krabs, sort of shows itself to be ugly in nature.

7. Good Ol Fashioned Slapstick
Concept: Anything the old cartoons used to do for entertainment, better known as cartoon violence.
Status: Often labelled too violent and over sophistication or domestication has killed off the effectiveness of this type of humor.

8. Classic Romance
Concept: Good old fashioned romantic fairy tale style love story, made famous by Disney.
Status: Disney have stopped doing it in favour of high octane adventure, even "girl" cartoons and films won't do it.

9. History Lessons
Concept: Cartoons that teaches you history, mostly American History.
Status: Horrible Histories made it redundant here in the UK, as for America I barely see it anymore.

10. Crime Doesn't Pay
Concept: A Good Natured character learning the lesson of Crime doesn't pay when he/she does something wrong.
Status: Overly complex writing in characters makes this redundent, even if the character does learn a lesson in one episode it's immediately lost in the next episode.