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School Rumble Review

It's time for Super Supreme Funtime Review Show, a.k.a I'm about to put on more reviews.

School Rumble showcases the exploits of Class 2C covering a huge array of characters but our two most focussed on main characters are Tenma, a genki girl with a crush on Karasuma who seemingly comes across as aloof but is really very strange; the other is Harima, a reformed delinquent who falls for Tenma after saving her from an attacker only for Harima to get attacked himself.
Harima also seems to get dragged into situations with other girls including Tenma's sister Yakumo and Tenma's friend Eri. Other exploits include Karen trying to become more feminine only for her enormous strength to rear itself frequently earning an unwanted rival in Lala; There is also Hanai trying and failing to be manly with Akira and Mikoto reeling him in. With so many potential romances this school love comedy hexagon will become a rumble.
Like Nozaki-Kun, School Rumble is very much an intriguing look at characters and exceeding their defined archetypes. Harima's path in trying to get Tenma to notice him molds him into a passionate Manga Artist but his attempts seem to drag in Eri who later becomes a tsundere to Harima despite, Harima not really being interested but they develop a mutual understanding through acts of kindness; then there is Yakumo who ends up being Harima's editor which slowly opens up her quiet side as she falls for Harima. Of course there is Tenma who is ten kinds of adorable but you kinda wonder what she sees in Karasuma.
I could go on but this series really needs a character ranking to sort out who really stands out.
I disagree with alot of the dub choices, it's not bad but sounds way better in Japanese.
Final Verdict: A fantastic series of really good characters in a romance hexagon where you find yourself invested in seeing who ends up with whom.

Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun Review

Definitely the best anime I watched last year.

Sakura has a crush on Nozaki and goes in for a love confession only for Nozaki to mistake her as a fan and gives her an autograph, when she ends up Nozaki's home following another misunderstanding it's discovered that Nozaki is a famed Shojo manga artist; eager to learn more, Sakura becomes Nozaki's assistant and quickly learns more about how Nozaki works and the many assistants and inspirations that revolve around him.
This is one of the best anime to watch for character study, each character you think follows one trope but then immediately goes a different way, it really deconstructs the way Shojo is written and the way it molds it's characters, it's an absolute joy to watch and extremely funny, all this well led by the two leads having some really good chemistry.
The only thing that lets it down is the dub, it's typical Funimation, it's not bad, just uninspiring.
Final Verdict: If you ever needed inspiration in writing a story, then this is the perfect anime to inspire you to create the right characters.

Jubei-Chan 2 Review

I last reviewed season 1 of Jubei-Chan way back in 2013, one of my better written reviews and I dropped a hint that I would one day review season 2, it only took 7 years.

Taking place one year after season 1, the story focusses on the untold history of the Siberia Yagyu clan and the true daughter of Jubei, Freesia, who by circumstances did a Captain America and was frozen for 300 years. Upon thawing out and hearing of a successor to the lovely eyepatch, Freesia sets off to find and destroy current eyepatch holder Jiyu; adding to the conflict are surviving Siberia Yagyu members hoping to take out Jiyu for their own revenge. As for Jiyu, she hasn't changed, still reluctant to use the powers given but nonetheless fights all who come her way.
Comparing the two seasons is like comparing oranges and apples; season 1 was more comedic with way too many groaner scenes and poor dubbing but good fight scenes.
Season 2 ramps up the action to 11 with some of the best sword play I've ever seen in anime; comedy is far less frequent and the story is better structured as a proper samurai tale all underscored by Toshiro Masuda's soundtrack in his pre Naruto days.
Sadly underrated thanks to it's largely phantom release in America. It did manage a dub using more or less the same returning cast to much better performances.
Final Verdict: An underrated gem that never really got the recognition it deserves and I still think the battles far exceed a number of today's best anime battles.

Girl Who Leapt Through Time Review

First of the Project 1000 Special Stage reviews takes us first to a film that easily pisses me off.

Makoto is an average girl who finds a small object in her school, this follows with her death when her bike brakes fail and gets wiped out by a train, only she doesn't die but goes back in time before she sets off on her bike.
Knowing that she now has the power to go back in time she sets about making her life easier but after a while she starts using it to avoid petty situations which leads to disastrous consequences.
As nice and as well written this film is, I have a massive pet peeve with the main character. At no point in the entire movie does she ever fix her bike, the very thing that should've killed her!
It just makes Makoto seem petty, selfish and stupid, that really stops me from supporting her, I shouldn't hate the main character especially in a movie written so well; yeah the Uncle Ben great power, great responsibility line but she's using time travel like a soft reset on a dating sim for just saying the wrong thing.
Not seen the dub but considering what I've said about this film, an English voice would make me hate the film more, not that it would be a bad dub just hearing stupidity in my own language would be more of a trigger.
Final Verdict: A well written film spoiled by an utterly stupid main character.

Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket Review

Of all the Gundam stuff taken off project 1000, this title stayed so I can talk about it.

With the one year war nearing it's end, Zeon become suspicious of a prototype Gundam being developed by the Earth Federation which they fail to destroy leading them to the neutral colony of Side 6; after a skirmish in the colony, Zeon ace Bernie crash lands in woods being discovered by a child named Alfred, a boy with a romantic view of warfare not seemingly bothered by which side Bernie is on. Alfred being quite a devious child, charms his way into helping Bernie so he can play soldier even dragging in Christina, the prototype Gundam test pilot with neither pilot aware of each others intentions. With no other teammates, Bernie is told to destroy the prototype or Zeon nuke the colony leading to a conclusion which can only end in tears for Alfred as he realizes how horrific war is.
Gundam is no stranger to portraying war in it's most realistic form but this is the only time where it really works as an anti war message.
I remember reading a book called the Machine Gunners which has a group of evacuee children discovering a shotdown nazi pilot and persuading him to help construct a machine gun for them only for it to end as tragically and in pretty much the same way as this OVA did. The kids in the story share the same wide eyed romantic view of war as Alfred does having been sheltered from the conflict in an untouched area of the world, it's not uncommon for kids to behave like this, even now in peace time as the likes of Call of Duty has replaced the sheltered evacuee areas in giving kids these exciting scenarios to play soldier, in essence nothing has changed. In regards to Gundam when Alfred does have a dose of reality he can't bring himself to play soldier anymore while his friends continue their naive view of war.
War in the Pocket captures everything perfectly without going too melodramatic or making the Mobile Suit battles the focus, this is a civilian who finds out the hard way what war really is and there's only really one way to end this story, tragically.
Dub is decent and acted well for the most part.
My only issue is I wanted to learn more about Christina but she fails to appear in any future Gundam series.
Final Verdict: This OVA is an essential watch for any Gundam fan and even a fan of this genre, it let's the story and it's leads do all the work and what you get is the best anti war anime you'll ever find.