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We Rent Tsukumogami Review

With the new year brings a set of new anime to try out.

Tsukumogami are beloved possessions that take on a youkai form if they've been cherished by it's owner. In this story the Tsukumogami inhabit a rental shop run by non blood siblings Seiji and Oko; the shop exists during the Edo period where fires were common place so having a rental store for objects was just a way to get round it. The story itself revolves around the town inhabitants and their problems which Seiji and Oko solve by lending out Tsukumogami with each of the five having a distinct personality and history.
Notetsu is a bat charm, a trinket similar to modern day phone charms, well looked after until we was passed around as debt payment.
Tsukuyomi is a rare wall scroll who talks big but was hardly used for his purpose mostly because his design is rare.
Usagi is a comb who picked up gossip habits from being used by a mother and daughter who got along really well.
Goi is a smoking pipe who prefers to lay out facts and mediate decisions rather than give his own opinion but as an object used for bringing couples together among commoners will help make that happen.
Ohime is a princess doll that was saved from a life time in storage by a chivalrous thief so romanticizes about it every opportunity she gets.
The story is charming and relaxing with a dash of romance, a good anime to switch to between action shows for a well earned break.
The subject matter is better explained in subtitles over dub, so I doubt one would work.
Final Verdict: This anime was a pleasant surprise, great characters in a good plot does alot to give these 12 episode anime some much needed love.