Actually I Am...Review

Not part of the Anilog list of YouTube anime but easy enough to find through other official means.

Based on the My Monster Secret manga, Actually I Am, tells the story of Asahi Kuromine who is bad at keeping secrets as his unique personality traits makes him easy to read and tease. He falls for Youko and tries to confess only to discover that she is a vampire by pure accident, it's also revealed that Youko's personality is not of being stand offish or stoic but rather a cute ditzy girl as she tries to avoid drawing attention, this is only the tip of the iceberg as other members of the school reveal their secrets as we also have an Alien piloting a human sized mech, the school reporter with a fortune god in her glasses, a werewolf that changes gender instead of going monster, a couple of demons, an esper and later a time traveller, how will Asahi cope?
I'll start with the good, despite showing itself as an obvious harem it lacks much of the same trappings, we also have the rare case of the protagonist having believable friends as their dynamic is shared with many real life guy groups, usually the guy just has one stupid friend or none at all because he's the only male in school but this is a nice change of pace. I also like that it doesn't go too obvious with it's choice of monster traits.
My only real complaint is the lack of any real funny content, the manga is built with more elaborate facial expressions and a higher emphasis on being a laugh out loud comedy, the anime struggles to match this tone opting for too many quiet moments, doesn't help that Asahi is kind of annoying.
Dub was never made but will be cookie cutter if it was.
Final Verdict: it's better made than you think, just don't expect all the comedy from the manga to translate into the anime.