Idol Fighter Su-Chi-Pai Review

Happy New Year! It's about time I reviewed anime again.

The Legendary Pai are a set of ten Mahjong Tiles of when collected from various monsters and combined are able to grant any wish the user desires.
After these Mahjong tiles are a Magical Hero, an Alien Bunny Girl, a Dominatrix, an Idol from the Magic World and a Cyborg, all of which butt heads for possession of each piece.
It's already off to a rocky start when it's based on a series of strip mahjong games as well as the plot taking directly from the 2nd not 1st game, yet it fails to be hentai which is what it should've been to begin with; while the 90s art looks nice, it's dumb premise along with a very weak cast of very unbalanced characters and scenes of needless violence doesn't make Su-chi-pai a hidden gem among the OVAs.
You've pretty much seen the best it has to offer so expect your viewing to be short.
Slightly shocked it wasn't picked for dubbing as it was released right in the middle of the OVA era.
Final Verdict: It doesn't even register well as an ecchi anime nor a video game franchise for that matter.