Aikatsu Friends Review

Another trip to Aikatsu for us today.

Aine is in the regular class at Star Harmony academy until a meeting with best friend Mio opens up a path into the idol class opening up a path to become Diamond Friends, the highest rank.
Not really much has changed only the focus is now on pairings and how they interact and perform in the Aikatsu world. While the songs have a serious upgrade along with the Idol business being greatly expanded, it still possesses much of the same problems as the original, it's fine in small doses and the characters aren't that memorable but it's saddled with a couple of extra problems that is unique to this series, the first being the lack of an exciting support cast, the other being too formulaic as everytime it focuses on a different pairing they tend to go through the same plot. The Honey Cat pairing have had arguments in every episode they led while a number of episodes see Aine try too hard only to backfire but get better after, the original doesn't have this problem.
It's still an enjoyable series at it's core and the serious music upgrade is welcomed in this genre.
Obviously no dub, it would be wasted otherwise.
Final Verdict: For the music upgrade alone it's worth continuing Aikatsu but you will be missing a few features from the original.