Wolves of the wild

World name- Wolves of the wild

leader name- Kittychan0688

number of members-1

summery- A world were wolves roam the land. Their is a kingdom of wolves who make unfair rules that most wolves live under. They are considered evil. Their is a resistance of wolves who are considered good. In this world food and survival are scarce in winter.

personal opinion- A very good roleplay for fans of wolves! The roleplay has already started so you could just jump in!

number of pages- 2

based off of or personal- personal

Interesting notes- The brutality of surviving. Also their are prisoner characters who would be interesting to post as

Reccomended to- People who like to roleplay: Kingdoms,animals,survival

age ranking- 10 or older depending on the child

Reccomends to make it better- More members and posts