Things To Review

Haha, sorry. This is just for me to keep track of things that I've read/watched that I want to do reviews for...


-Legend of Zelda
-Darker Than Black
-Big Windup
-Living For The Day After Tomorrow
-Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad
-Black Cat
-Spice and Wolf
-Gunslinger Girl
-Pumpkin Scissors
-Wolf's Rain
-Samurai 7
-Princess Jellyfish


-The Embalmer
-Kissing (yaoi)
-Clan of the Nakajimas (
-Maid Sama
-Zombie Powerder
-The Ring
-Maria Holic
-Rose Hip Zero
-Anne Freaks
-Alice in the Country of Hearts
-Junjou Romantica (yaoi; actually I'm probably not going to review this, I just want to keep track of where I am cause I want to read the rest XD;)
-Fairy Tail (XD; Just keeping track of where I am.. I'm too impatient while volumes are slowly released here in the states :'D)
-Pet Shop of Horrors
-Pretty Face


PS if ya'll have something you want me to read or watch let me know! I'm up for reading anything >3