Osu! Welcome to RishiandSquee's hangout-hideaway! We are Rishi and Squee, two seperate beings...ish. Well, that's what people say, anyway.

We both love anime, manga, Naruto, Neji, screws and drawing, among other things. What are those other things? No one really knows.

Oh. Rishi has a pet cow named Steve. Don't mess around with either of them.

So! Wanna be friends?

~Rishi, teh genki girl and Squee, teh screw luvah~

Just to let you know...

Rishi's alive. :3

But Rishi can't really do much online nowadays. Still grounded >sigh< and getting groundeder. >sigh<

Rishi recently went throught a super tough time in her life. Rishi's not sure how to explain it, but...you guys make Rishi--and the real me--feel like we're needed.

Iruka Sensei, thanks for your concern where we've been
TLK, thanks for being a dedicated (?) fanboy
Everyone, thank you for remembering Hani. >Just post in Cuteness Killz more to bask in your fanish ways<
Well, Rishi's still around. She's just a wallflower now. So shoot Rishi a PM sometime if you wanna talk, mkay? :)



RishiAndSquee are having some difficulties--don't expect any new comics until Monday, at least.

But, in other news, Squee has photoshop'd the cover now. It's much prettier to look at now. <3



...well, yeah. This one.

External Image

It's Rishi, pretending to be Squee. Pretty acurate. Squee really does love birds...although, they make her sad right now. But this was drawn before that incident.

Someone commented that Rishi's eye style changes with every panel. Never noticed that before. (lulz. XD)

The last panel makes us smile. Squee can get pretty damn scary when she gets mad. (Run away! >>_>> Dash~)

Rishi doesn't talk in third person in this comic nearly enough. Oh well.

~RishiAndSquee, teh genki girl and teh screw luva~