Sorry...Hani's Sorry

It’s been a long time. Lots of light times and dark times. Neji calls them days and nights.

Neji tells Hani about lots of things. About this place. It’s called Konoha. It means ‘Village Hidden In The Leaves’ He says that he ‘ha’ in ‘konoha’ is spelt the same way as the ‘ha’ in Hani’s name in kanji. Hani doesn’t know what a kanji is, but Neji says that Hani will learn.

Neji told Hani that once Hani gets a bit bigger and stronger, then he will take Hani into Konoha. He says that Hani isn’t ready yet, but Hani doesn’t mind. Just being with Neji makes Hani feel safe.

There was something flashing in the room today. Neji called it a teevee. Said there were lots of shows that Hani could learn from.

When Hani started to watch there was a little girl on the teevee--(Hani could see her! She was moving!)--and then the little girl called a bigger boy her ‘big brother’. Hani wants to know what a big brother is.

Maybe Hani will ask the girl on the teevee.