Teh Genki Girl


(Note: This is an idea that was made from the mix of Christmas sugar high, cookies, lack of sleep, and boredom. This feature explains just what a ‘Rishi’ is, what a ‘genki girl’ actually does, and other mysteries surrounding KoInu kyan, aka me. Read on if you dare. Which I dare you to.)

Hello, and welcome. I am Rishi, or KoInu kyan. It’s nice t’meetcha. Now that we know each other, let’s get on with it. This is my life story. Welcome. Wipe your feet before you come in.

To start it off, Rishi is a. . .well. . .a Rishi. That’s my name. Sort of.

Ironically, while browsing Wiki, I decided to type in ‘rishi’ to see if anything came up, and I found that Rishi, in Hindu, actually means ‘sage’. So when I say “Rishi thinks it’s a good idea to fire Pop Tarts at people” then you may want to listen--it’s sage-ish. Emphasis on ‘ish’. But that’s probably just a coincidence--or hitsuzen. Whichever you believe in. I’d go with hitsuzen--it’s just cooler.

A question that many people frequently ask is “What is a ‘Genki girl’?”

Now, when I add a comment to an amazing, prettyful piece of work, I sign my name as ‘Rishi, teh genki girl’. What exactly is a genki girl, and why is Rishi one?

According to TV troupes, a genki girl is ‘…a character…who acts like she's been mainlining caffeine and speed. She is possessed of an incredible surfeit of energy, such that she runs everywhere (often with arms waving wildly), speaks quickly (sometimes unintelligibly so), and always does everything fast, fast, fast! She's filled with confidence and determination, regardless of whether she's competent or not…to sum it up, a good way of telling whether a female character is genki or not is to see if her family and peers are exhausted, astonished or even creeped out by her chronic outbursts of vitality.’

Now, if you had the pleasant (or, in the moderator’s in chat’s cases, unfortunate) case of knowing me beforehand, you would know that this is exactly how to describe a Rishi. Meaning me. Probably not Rishi Kooper, who is actually a real person, a man, and probably not genki.

Another question frequently asked by people to me is “Why, Rishi-san, is it exactly that you talk third person? You’re strange enough already.”

Unless you knew me beforehand, you’d have no idea that I actually talk in third person on the Internet. (For your courtesy, random-people-I-don’t-know, I decided to write this in first person so I wouldn’t confuse the crap out of you.) Why exactly do I do that? To be honest, it’s pretty much so people don’t’ call me ‘kyan’ or ‘koinu’, cause those names are just plain weird. Like Squee or Pudding. Those are some pretty weird names. Sage isn’t a weird name at all.

Now, how exactly did I get into anime? It’s the strangest story. I got into anime from Pokemon when I was about six. Pokemon got banned from my house a year later after my brother and I started throwing Matchbox cars at each other at six in the morning, pretending they were Pokeballs. So no more Pokemon for little Rishi. Boo hoo. That wouldn’t stop me from sneaking it whenever possible. It pretty much built up from there.

So that’s all you ever needed to know about me, Rishi. Not Rishi Kooper, but Rishi, teh genki girl.