This world is dedicated to all of those rockers who have shaped me into the girl I am today. cheers to my friends...

Cost You To Keep Me Quiet...

musical sensation, well worth watching. Pentatonix!

Teacher's Pet

This is all that goes here.

nothing more.
enjoy this shit.
this movie. i loves it.


i want you to show me!

as you might know, my choir has the chance to sing with one of my top 5 favorite bands! however, due to some tampering with the votes, they had to suspend voting. *I am so disgusted by whoever did it....*
i will give you a link, because this world is vinal!

WGLQ Radio
just. voting has commenced once again! let there be light!!!!

and I mean, if you are interested in a ticket.
(Harris, MI)

The Goal!

the whole point of this world is to keep all of the otaku updated to all things rock and roll!!
i am talking concert tickets, videos, pictures, and whatever elce tickles the acid-rock fan's fancy!
here I dedicate this WORLD to those beautiful departed rockers that are gone playing the great gig in the sky!
Have a good one...

...and in the words of AC*DC...
"For those about to rock, we salute you"