Story of the Moonlight Walker

DISCLAIMER I don’t own any of this and will not be paid for making it this is a song number 17 wrote about Saix along time ago. For those of you who don’t know 17 is X’s dead brother and X is number 15 in the organization fanmade characters you get it, anyway. Enjoy the song.

So anyway information time
*Something happening*
(A/N is author‘s notes)

(Final performance of 17)

*soft music begins to play in the back ground as the band members slowly rise from the stage from a mighty fog. Cliché no? anyway the lead comes from the blond with something resembling a mullet jamming on a giant blue guitar called a Sitar, as a smaller blond with wild untamable hair taps lightly on the drums in front of him. The lead singer of this song then grabs the mic as a guy with crimson red hair spiking out all over the place jams lightly on a black and gold colored bass guitar. The lead singer with long flowing bluish green hair tied back into a pony tail begins singing the song gently as if telling a story to a young child at bed time the stage is solid black with multicolored lights bouncing around in random directions.*

“Take my hand oh Moonlight walker. We shall walk your lonely path together. I shall take your pain and sorrows away and replace them with smiles.” The singer’s voice was like that of an angel’s when singing, his voice rode the winds breaking away all hatred in the crowds leaving the whole audience mesmerized by the song. “You are every thing to me, oh walker of the moonlight. Why is it you run from the sun? My love I only wish to know. Let me into your cold embrace so that I can warm that icy heart.” The singer’s voice traveled far off into the distance to someone who wasn’t sitting in the audience, someone who needed to hear it most. “If only moonlight walker you would let me be yours forever. You walk in the darkness of night but your radiance shines like that of the sun.” The figure in question then turned and began walking slowly, hesitantly towards the perfect sounding voice. “My oh my Moonlight walker why do you shun those you hold close?” The singer’s voice seemed to sadden as he continued to sing the beautiful song, and the figure began walking just a little bit faster. “My love, why do you tug at my heart strings so? I‘m not an instrument to be played for you‘re enjoyment. Why do you continue to break my heart?” The singer began to shed silent tears as he continued to sing in front of all of the fans. The figure suddenly stopped and it seemed as if it was pondering on weather or not to continue. “Oh Moonlight Walker, you‘re not a lone wolf, you have me by your side, always. My love my everything, Stay with me. Stay with me for eternity.” The singer’s tears slowly began to flow freely but still barely noticeable. The figure turned unable to face them, and started walking in the other directions. “Moonlight Walker, Moonlight Walker. Why do you run from the sun? We can be together forever, just say the words and I‘ll gladly lift you up and take away all your burdens.” The singer’s eyes began overflowing as he continued to sing the beautiful song. The figure continued walking away from where it was going. Putting the hood up over it’s light blue hair, to hide it’s face. As the singer stopped the music began flowing more smoothly then when it started, so soft and beautiful that it would bring a tear to anyone’s eyes should they know the meaning behind it’s beauty. The blond with the mullet and the Crimson colored Redhead continued playing softly on their instruments as the tiny blond behind the drums continued his light rhythmic tapping. Finally after about 30 seconds of the music the Singer began once again. “Oh Moonlight Walker wherever you are. I hope only that your happy, that your with the ones you hold dear. Why do you Shun the sun? My love my everything.” The singer then broke down on stage after finishing the song and sobbed there like a child that lost their first puppy to a raging storm, crying, crying in pain. The other band members try to help the Singer but the tears seem to have no end. They finally manage to get the singer up and help him walk off towards the back of the stage leaving the audience in a stunned silence, nothing but the cries of the singer making any sound. Finally the figure couldn’t take it anymore and burst through the doors sitting behind the large crowds. Causing some of them to jump. As the figure ran down towards the stage it jumped up and ran to the singer, embracing him in a hug tears rolling down both of their eyes. “I‘m sorry, I never wanted to hurt you, I love you I really do. I get it now! Please forgive me.” The figure cried as the hood hiding the long light blue hair came off letting the hair flow freely. A giant creature then appeared and began smashing through the stage and other parts of the building, causing the fans to run screaming at the top of their lungs as the singer and the rest of the band along with all of their friends that were back stage took a battle stance. The Crimson Red haired bassist summoned something that looked like flaming rings, the figure with blue hair summoned something resembling a giant flattened out bat, the Blond playing on the Sitar summoned duplicates of himself made of water, the small blond from behind the drums summoned a giant key, the tanned figure with silver hair that had appeared from behind the stage summoned what looked to be sticks like that of a glow stick, the man with solid black dreadlocks summoned six lances 4 of which were floating in the air. The tall guard with short brown hair summoned a sword large enough to be considered part of a broken off pillar, The small girl with short black hair summoned a giant key that looked exactly the same as the one summoned by the blond drummer, The guy with the eye patch summoned twin guns that shot off arrows, the tall dishwater blond summoned a shield, the Platinum blond haired blond started playing with a deck of cards like that of a master gambler, The pale figure with grayish blue hair opened up a book looking serious, then the light blond girl with tow streaks of her hair sitting up like antennas took a stance with throwing knives held between her fingers, the figure with dirty blond hair jerked back into a pony tail summoned a strange looking key solid white key. And finally the lead singer summoned 3 strange key’s one looking like that of a broken sword carved into the shape of a key he wielded with his left hand, one looking exactly like the solid white key the dirty blond summoned only solid black in his right hand, and one that looked like it was made from interlocking hearts wielded by holding the handle in his mouth sideways similar to the way a dog picks up a stick. “Destroy it.” The tanned silver haired figure said calmly at the giant creature standing in front of them. “Yes Sir.” The rest of them said in unison before attacking the creature head on, though they caused damage it didn’t seem to affect the creature. As the giant creature sent it’s claw straight at the blue haired figure the singer threw himself into the way so that the creature couldn’t bring harm to his friends. “Heh hehehehehehe guess this is the end huh? I won‘t die alone I‘m taking him with me.” The singer said as he began to glow brightly in a gold colored light. “NO! you cant, not yet!” the blue haired figure said crying looking into the singer’s eyes. “Goodbye, I love you. And take care of my little brother for me. I‘ll see you all, on the other side.” The singer said looking peaceful before he was enveloped in a large gold colored light surrounding both him and the creature before a large explosion took place. “NO BRO!!” The dirty blond with the pony tail cried as he ran towards the fires of the explosion as they slowly vanishes without a trace leaving only the singer’s three keys. “Stop, he‘s gone. We cant do anything to help now, it‘s too late.” The tanned silver haired figure said looking down sadly as he put his hand on the blond’s shoulder sympathetically. A loud piercing screech was heard as the creature reappeared half dead from the looks of it. “No.” the others said as they looked up at the creature. “YOU SON OF A BITCH! You‘ve taken my brother. I‘m going to destroy you.” The dirty blond with the pony tail said picking up the solid black key left behind by the singer, as his hazel eyes began to take on a reddish tint, and went berserk striking the creature wildly. “My turn.” The blue haired figure said picking up the key that looked like it was made of interlocking hearts and swung it in succession with the other weapon that was shaped like a giant flattened bat. The two of them finished off the creature then fainted.

About 10 days later…

“Good Bye Bro.” The dirty blond with the pony tail said jabbing the key shaped like a broken sword into the ground causing the dirt to rise as if that of a grave as the key stuck straight out of the ground and walked over to the figure with light blue hair. “Here.” The figure said holding out they key that was made out of interlocking hearts. “Keep it, somehow I think he‘d want you to have it.” The blond said before walking off to who knows where.