~A story by KittyPerson9001 and kamichama karin s~

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First Meeting.

A mysterious character who likes to keep her secrets - secret!
Age: she won’t tell
Background: She laughed when I asked her
Scars: Many
Skills: Swords, archery, horses, and fighting.
WARNING: May have multiple personality syndrome, and violent tendencies.
Looks: Beautiful, dangerous, and ageless with black hair and eyes. Japanese but with oddly pale skin. She is usually wearing Samurai armor and wears her long her down. Also, short and thin.

Age: 17
Eyes: purple
Hair: bright orange/ginger w/dark red stripe.
Skills/Weapons: magic sword/? It’s a secret.
Background: He is a shy and modest boy who was run out of his home when it was attacked. He traveled to Japan in hopes it would be more peaceful there. He is a skilled swordsman. But a tragedy left him unable to kill anyone or hurt them- for that matter. Almost nothing gets him angry, but he gets sad easily. Some say he has a short case of depression, but he never shows it when he’s with the people he loves.

Looks: He has shaggy hair. He wears a cloak most of the time, it covers his face some. He has boots with a largely practical feel.


Tomoe: A soft breeze blew by blowing her long black hair back and scattering Sakura petals everywhere, one hitting her in the face. She jumped back a little swatting at the petal on her face when she heard a noise from a nearby tree. There was a person in it who upon being spotted leapt down and began to run. She chased after following the person to a dead end- a cliff. She rushed up to him and grabbed him by the collar. “Who are you? Are you another of the Emperor’s spies?” She shouted unsheathing her sword and pointing it at his neck. He remained silent; she was going to kill him when she heard more noises- approaching fast. He had reinforcements! She could kill them all easily but that would be suspicious and the emperor would know where she was. She threw the person she was holding aside and jumped off the cliff…
As she was falling she started to black out…
Ko: Ko couldn’t remember anything. The next thing he realized was that he was falling. He screamed before hitting the surface of the water. He swallowed in a mouthful of salt water and fish crap and whatever else might have been in the water. He resurfaced taking a deep breath and started swimming towards the shore, while coughing up water. He wondered to himself how do these weird things keep happening to me? He made it to the shore and continued spitting up water…

Leeaif: After being thrown aside, Leeaif watched curiously as the girl’s long hair disappeared from the side of the cliff. He turned around slowly and tried to get up. A large regimen of burly men in armor was trekking across the landscape. His eyes widened, and he fumbled to his feet. “W-What is this? They’re here already?!?” he breathed, starting to shake. “After him, men!” the leader barked, waving his hand toward Leeaif. Leeaif was shaking; he looked at the edge of the cliff, and inched closer to it. A pebble crumbled and fell down. He closed his eyes and gulped. “That girl jumped down, why can’t I?” The men in armor drew their swords and rushed at him. Leeaif opened his eyes and jumped backwards. The men looked at the cliff, dumbfounded. They walked back a little, and assumed he would be dead.
Leeaif was falling, and screaming as he realized he was about to hit a formation of sharp rocks.

Ko: The shore he had made it to was ruff and jagged and at the base of the cliff. There wasn’t much room to move around on these rocks so he began to walk around the cliff hoping there would be land on the other side when he heard an odd noise. He looked up and saw a person screaming as they fell in his direction. He reached out and was going to try and catch him but instead the person just landed on him, knocking him over so he landed half still on the rocks and half in a big wave of water. As he went under the water- of course it was just his luck that the half of him that landed in the water was his head- he accidentally got some up his nose and swallowed some in through his mouth. He pushed at the person who landed on him but they were bigger and he had difficulty getting out from under him, but he managed. He sat up once he was no longer under the other person and coughed up water and took in huge gasps of air. He looked over at the other person; it was a boy with orange hair with a red stripe and purple eyes wearing a large cloak. He wondered what had happened, why had he jumped?

Leeaif: Leeaif’s eyes widened, he had not imagined that this person would have caught him. He stood up in his now soaked clothes. Leeaif outstretched his hand to let the mysterious person up. “I-I-I’m so sorry.” Leeaif stuttered. “A-Are you okay?” he asked, stuttering. Before he could get an answer, he heard the army of men running back to the spot the two had landed- Leeaif turned back around quickly. “T-they’re here…” he whispered to the one who saved him. “I gotta get out of here, now.” He said, shivering uncontrollably, he ran away, tripping on an overgrown root. He was struggling to get up, and almost forgot about (Ko).