Rosaxi's Little Poem.

So... tada! This is my new fan fiction for Kingdom Hearts. Rosaxi is Cloud's Nobody. I know, I know, her name sounds like Roxas's. But all the names for Cloud + X sounded like a dude name. I do not create dudes. Her name's prolly going to change after a few posts, though, I was brainstorming during the bus ride. And sorry for the KHI combinging with KHII, I had some pretty good ideas and didn't wanna delete what I had written.


It's dark here. Wherever the hell "here" is.

But there is someone with me, a dark someone. Although the pale silver light radiating off my skin did not illuminate "here", I could still see something shining out of the tall, dark figure in front of me. Two bright, sparkling yellow eyes. A large, bandaged sword. A single wing and cape. I had those, too. Only mine were white.


The word rang through my head, clear as day.


That voice... I knew it. And it was coming from the figure. He was closer now. The white light behind him revealed spiky hair and heavy armour.

Am I supposed to fight you?

I asked. His head went left, right. I nodded.

Just close your eyes. Radiant Gardens is waiting.

I could've sworn I saw him smile.


I sat up, blinking in the bright neon lights. I don't know how I got there.

"Radiant Gardens, I suppose..." I muttered, then jumped at the sound of my voice. Voice?

I had on a white jacket and dark pants, grey shoes. I looked so monochrome; I didn't like it. A small florescent light led me to the nearest clothing store.

"Hello?" I called, weaving through the clothes racks, pushed tightly into the small shop. There didn't seem to be anyone in there, so I grabbed a red jacket and orange pants off the nearest hangers. "I guess no one will care..." The pants didn't fit me, so I took a white belt and wrapped it around my waist at least three times.

I looked in a mirror, feeling a lot better. Although that was when I noticed, hanging around my neck, a small chain and charm.

It was a strange cross shape connected to a heart. Was it mine? The mysterious Cloud's? I suppose I would never know...