Hello everyone!
Welcome to the Roy Fanclub! As you can guess, this is a world made for
the dedicated fans of Roy from Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals

Now, if you wanna join, we would happliy welcome you! All
You need to do is leave a comment asking to join, or PM me or one
of the other members! But the rules for joining are:

1. Please actually post, don't just join and then do naff all
2. Please respect everyone else on this world! I will have NO
nasty comments/abuse/slander here!
3. I allow anything, but if you see something that disturbs you,
please notify me or the member who posted it and we will see
what we can do
4. Enjoy yourself!


Aww, how cute does Roy look in these pictures!?

Roy joins the brawl! (I wish...)

This is pretty good hacking...but You can tell things are off, like "Roy's" Super smash. It's just Marth's with added awesome (fire) and Final destanation never had a background like that...

Roy in Brawl

Something I found online a few months back...


Thought I'd share it with you guys. :)

It was an April Fools joke. I fell for it until I got to the sources. Aahh, if only it were real... ;w;