An exclusive RP made by LightFykki and Hulaberry32. This is the RP for us only, but you can still read the posts and enjoy the story.

Angels working for Cloud 9--the Dream Cloud--have one job, and one alone. To remove bits and pieces of mortals' prophetic dreams in order to prevent world destruction. When demons of the Kage and Crux clans join forces in order to destroy the angels, a fatal virus is developed, one that lets mortals dream undisturbed--eternally. It's up to the Astrum Angels, an elite team of angels working for Cloud 9 to stop the demons and save the world.

Hulaberry32's characters:

Angels: Evelyn, Eternity

Demons: Veronica, Fox

Humans: Juliet, Hime

LightFykki's characters:

Angels: Valor, Erlos

Demons: Merlox, Devion

Humans: Floria, Leon


✥ Hime ✥ I smiled happily; I had just found myself a new playmate! As Devion transformed into a monstrous and merciless beast, I spectated the scene in awe as he tore demon after demon limb from limb. The hatred in his ey...

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Darkness is my ally

<.>Devion<.> The night was black, dark like the darkest soul that can exist. Huh, it always was like this. Never did we wanted to actually try something else. Never we wanted to actually see something e...

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Five Minutes

‡ Fox ‡ So. Freakin'. Close. Damn. Muttering curses under my breath, I made my way towards the meeting spot Merlox, Devion, V and I had arranged earlier. Them as well as some of the more important demons in our ...

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Future is only a step ahead of the past

>-<Valor>-< My sight was going away. I was slowly dying... I couldn't feel anything, only the sad people that gathered around me. But not matter how much I tried to touch them and to go back to them, but it was im...

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Into the mist of unknown

~-~ Erlos ~-~ I saw them as they were safely going away. I was so happy to see that they are safe and away from those demons. Unfortunately I could not help them. If I did, those Sweepers would find me. It is the best if I st...

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