An exclusive RP made by LightFykki and Hulaberry32. This is the RP for us only, but you can still read the posts and enjoy the story.

Angels working for Cloud 9--the Dream Cloud--have one job, and one alone. To remove bits and pieces of mortals' prophetic dreams in order to prevent world destruction. When demons of the Kage and Crux clans join forces in order to destroy the angels, a fatal virus is developed, one that lets mortals dream undisturbed--eternally. It's up to the Astrum Angels, an elite team of angels working for Cloud 9 to stop the demons and save the world.

Hulaberry32's characters:

Angels: Evelyn, Eternity

Demons: Veronica, Fox

Humans: Juliet, Hime

LightFykki's characters:

Angels: Valor, Erlos

Demons: Merlox, Devion

Humans: Floria, Leon


✿ Eternity ✿ After happily chatting with another group of Astrum Angels, I turned around to find both Juliet and Floria gone. When had that happened?! Evelyn's dark green eyes widened in shock as she turned around to look...

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New powers... new problems

^*^Floria^*^ I was running across the hospital. I really wanted to see if that angel is alright. I could notice how the Evelyn cared so much for him. Are they... how they call it again... Ah yes, boyfriend and girlfriend or s...

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♠ Juliet ♠ I squeezed my eyes shut as Evelyn carried myself and Floria through the sky, ducking and weaving as we were pursued by two demons. Floria had almost blown our cover, and it had been my fast thinking t...

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The preparations have began

*-*Merlox*-* I have seen many things in my life, but this was different. Her eyes and her look... What was her name? If I remember correctly from the conversation that Veronica had with them, her name is Floria... Floria, suc...

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❖ V ❖ The two human Merlox and I had collected were impressive; the young girl murdering two thugs effortlessly and the boy killing without a second thought. Both would indeed prove useful in the battle that was to come, ...

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