An exclusive RP made by LightFykki and Hulaberry32. This is the RP for us only, but you can still read the posts and enjoy the story.

Angels working for Cloud 9--the Dream Cloud--have one job, and one alone. To remove bits and pieces of mortals' prophetic dreams in order to prevent world destruction. When demons of the Kage and Crux clans join forces in order to destroy the angels, a fatal virus is developed, one that lets mortals dream undisturbed--eternally. It's up to the Astrum Angels, an elite team of angels working for Cloud 9 to stop the demons and save the world.

Hulaberry32's characters:

Angels: Evelyn, Eternity

Demons: Veronica, Fox

Humans: Juliet, Hime

LightFykki's characters:

Angels: Valor, Erlos

Demons: Merlox, Devion

Humans: Floria, Leon

LightFykki's Merlox character info!

Name - Merlox Nickname - N/A Species - Demon Age - 17 Appearance - Short but with cunning look, has darker lips and sharp ears, his body has many scars, a strong and though body Hair Color/Style/Length - short me...

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LightFykki's Erlos character info!

Name - Erlos Nickname - Star Species - Angel Age - 20 Appearance - Medium size, really bright unnatural skin, small but sharp eyes, slim body, sharp and long ears. Hair Color/Style/Length - back pulled hair, whit...

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LightFykki's Valor character info!

Name - Valor Nickname - One-winged angel Species - Angel Age - 17 Appearance - Fair skin, strong body, sharp eyes, small nose, a long face with strong chin Hair Color/Style/Length - A long, black/gray hair that g...

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Hulaberry's Hime character info!

Name - Hime Nickname - N/A Species - Human Age - 14 Appearance - Very short, fair skin, large eyes and soft features, thin Hair Color/Style/Length - About waist-length pink hair done in two buns on the side of he...

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Hulaberry's Juliet character info!

Name - Juliet Nickname - N/A Species - Human Age - 17 Appearance - Petite, pale skin, very thin, wears square-black framed glasses always perched on the tip of her nose Hair Color/Style/Length - Straight, chin le...

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