Angelic demon


That angel was in our grasps. This was really easy, I didn't knew what we would capture her that fast. I didn't even had to use my guns, but that Merlox told me that we should get information from these angels about some new powers... I never understood it, I was always happy with my two babies here, Aren and Elvir. They never let me down, though I never wanted to use guns in the first place. The world and even the underworld are so cruel...

I turned and look at that angel that we had in our grasp. She was...she was beautiful as a white snow falling from the sky and in my heart. Why would we even capture such a pure creature, I didn't knew. I could see that Hime was holding her really tight and wasn't about to let her go.

"Hey guys, what about that we have some fun with her." Hime asked with a little smile on her face. She was about to tide her up, when I heard a voice coming from Devion. Good, maybe he understand, he was always...
"Hime, you should rest. You need strength to torture her. I will tide her up." I was really shocked. That Devion has lost his minds. I almost knew that he was always a heartless, but there was something different with him. Did he...liked Hime??

At any rate I need to help her. And that Fox guy... He was only moving around her and checking her.
"Hey there sweetheart. I didn't knew that angels are this hot! Well we could have a quick fun before you tell us something, huh?"
That angel just looked at him at fast and told him something... She was, behaving unusual.
"Well, if you a little closer... I might give you what you want." She was telling that in a cold, attractive voice. Did she really want to have... that with him??

"Well, well. As you say, my angel sweetheart!" Fox was coming towards her in an romantic way and started touching her.
"Leave her alone you demon fool! I will not let you!" I burst out of my anger. I didn't knew why, what I felt towards that angel? But something just came to me. I was about ready to take my guns out and Fox was already looking at me in a violent, confusing way.

"Listen kid, you just stay there and watch. Maybe you will l-learn..." Fox made a weird look on his face and was about to fall. I then noticed that the angel kicked him in his stomach. So that was her plan. I felt somewhat relieved.

Hime was laughing really hard and even Devion put a little smile on his dull face. Fox just walked away slowly and sat nearby.
"You know, this was probably that it took me that long. But no matter, we have to think a plan. Now tide her!" Fox was really angry and he still was holding himself on his stomach.

I and Hime both took her and placed her on a white tree nearby and tide her up. She was looking at me angry as well, but something told me that she was a little happy that I helped her back there. I stood up and looked at the tree that she was under it. There were no leafs and it was completely white. They were tall too, but I wondered, do they have some purpose other than be beautiful as those angels were.

Again I looked at her and she was even more beautiful, sitting there next to that white tree with her hands tied up around it. She noticed that I was staring at her, but didn't say anything.
"Come on, we have to go and think of a plan Leon." Hime pulled me and I could notice that Devion and Fox waited for us nervously.

"Their angel and human friends are probably looking for her already. We have to ask her about the last remaining divine machines and how to use them."
Devion nodded, though he knew that we were sitting and eating for hours and that the angel didn't got anything to drink and eat. He looked at me and with fierce looked nodded. I knew what I had to do. I went to pick up some water and food, but Fox grabbed my arm.

"What do you think you are doing there, Leon? She doesn't deserve it. Only chicks that are approved by me can get it." I pulled my arm back, looked at him and after I while I responded...
"What about if I tell V about this. I don't think that she will be too happy to hear about it." He put a strong look on his face, like I was disgusting to him and left my arm.
"Ah well, you can't have them all. Now go and give that angel something to eat." I nodded and started walking towards her.

She looked at me, but immediately she moved her eyes and face. As I was coming closer, she tried to step back as much as she could.
"Please, you have to drink this." I was giving her glass of water, but as soon as she began drinking she spitted it in my face.
"I will never drink something from a demon. From someone as you." I cleaned the water from my face and looked at her with despair. Always when things like this happened, I loose my will and something else takes over me and I bring everyone to the end of their pain. But... it was not case with her. With her, I just stayed as I was.

"I am not a demon, can't you see. I am actually a human and I want to help you. You must drink and eat something, even angels have to do that." She still didn't want to move her face from the side. I tried with my last effort.
"Please, if you don't, I don't even want to know what the real demons will do to you."

She slowly began moving her head and began drinking water and eating while I was giving it slowly to her. She was really hungry and after a while she stopped and looked at me...
"Um, my name is Eternity. And you are Leon, if I remember."
She smiled a little at me and I could see that this is the beginning of something...
I hope that it was alright and that it didn't suck. I wanted to add a little scenes there with Leon and Eternity.^^ Sorry if I Fox got hit too much... xD