Time is running short


As soon as she was gone, I turned and look at the place where my hospital was. I began slowly walking there, in pain. But not in the pain because of my wounds, but because... Of her. I loved her so much and yet now I realized it. But she asked me to stay so I had to. I couldn't move... I haven't felt like this since the final hour. The hour, when I have died and met my shame...

"Valor, you can't just leave!" I turned and looked at Floria. Juliet was also there.
"Yes, she needs you Valor. You have to help her." At first I looked at them with a chance of hope, but then I slowly made a grin face and moved my head.
"If it is that simple, you should go. You even got new powers, you should be now safe." There was a little break of silence. They both were looking on the floor, until Juliet finally looked high and at me and said almost in tears.
"And we will fool, even if we can't fly, we will sacrifice ourselves for her!!"

I turned and looked at her. She was really in anger and was about to attack me at any moment. Floria grabbed her and with a sad and tearful look on her face she was looking and waiting... Looking and waiting, but then suddenly they both turned and began moving away. I knew that Evelyn and Eternity meant so much to both of them, but I had to listen to what I was told and I still didn't have enough strength.

"You are a coward Valor. We shall go and take care of this ourselves." A slight tear fell from Juliet's face and as the strong wind blew, in that same way has that tear flew towards me, before it landed on my face too. At that moment I raised and looked at my fist. I hold it as strong as I could, until the blood started coming from it. It was of silver glowing color... It was the blood of an angel. Yes, it was and no matter what anyone else say how I look, I am still an angel, even if I am cursed.

With a strong will in my heart, I called back Floria and Juliet and was ready to do something from the first time as I am an angel. For the first time, I shall not be an One-winged angel. They both were coming towards me, but in a confusion.
"See here and confess what you see. Because this wing is my curse, and my salvation now."
I pulled my left arm towards the sun and in that moment a huge black wing arose from my skin. It was wider that any building there, stronger that and barrier. It was, my curse.

They both were just standing and with shock, looked at me.
"V-Valor... W-what is that??" Floria made a step forward, without realizing what she had just seen.
"This is my friends a black wing. Some would see a demon one. While I was damaged from my angel side, this wing hasn't been touched and has power to carry you both to the darkest pits of the Hell itself. But let us hope that we won't to go there again."

I looked at them again with a bright smile in my face. I could see that they are happy. Finally we shall able to go and to find Evelyn and help her. Juliet and Floria, from the happiness ran towards me and gave me a big huge. I never knew that this wing will actually bring happiness instead of terror and agony.

We finally flew towards the sky. Even if I still haven't felt good enough, I could carry them both through the thick skies of the Cloud 9. We still were in the borders of the Angelic realm, but something didn't felt good. Something was coming to me, like a black, but addicting voice. What was that. I could feel the same force at that time in Hell when I was together with Evelyn. Something wasn't right and it that moment I heard a scream in my head and I immediately knew who it was. I began flying even more, but Floria and Juliet almost fell. I stopped and looked at them.

"Are you alright there?" I moved my head towards them and while trying to catch as much breath as I could, I waited for the answer.
"Of course that we are right, YOU! But we almost fell, you know. What was that about?"
"I am sorry, I think that I heard Evelyn's scream there. You two heard it too, right?"
"No, Valor, we haven't heard anything..." They both looked at me with a slight worrying in their face and confusion. I was certain that I heard something. But maybe it was my imagination. Maybe I just think a lot on her and the bad things are just coming all by itself.

I was flying and looking all over the place. Night was coming closer and I could see how the soon was coming there back at the horizon. I turned and saw that they both almost fell asleep. We should make a camp here.
I saw a huge mountain peek there at the end. I moved and stopped there. Slowly I put Floria and Juliet back on their feet.

"Hey, what was this about?! We should go and look for them!" They both were worried about that, but I could see how tired they were and how they couldn't speak well. They eyes were closing, like the ships are moving up and down of the great waves.

"I am sorry, but in the condition you are, we can not move anymore. We shall take a rest here and tomorrow we shall look for them, okay?" I smiled and it seemed like they understood. Evelyn was a strong angel and I knew that she can take care of herself, but... There were things that were even more darker and more old that those demons. The things that we can only fear from.

I found an cave and we all three moved there. I managed to find wood, but I couldn't make a fire. It was getting colder and colder, but in that moment Floria stood up, moved towards me and said "Et tul Blaze!" In that moment, a fire rose and I was just sitting there and with shocked watched.

"Oh, I forgot. This is my first power that I got. With it I can manipulate elements, but only in times of need and where there are no other around of the same one." She seemed quite satisfied and happy after she said it. I tapped and her head and with smile and hope looked at Juliet.
"So do you have too some power?"
"Well, my is really special. It is actually..." But in that moment she stopped. It seemed that she too could feel it. Something was coming towards us, really fast.

I could feel it's dark presence. What was it...
I hope that this was okay and I made a little twist there. Sorry if I wrote something wrong. I can always change it. But I imagined it as they would now go and later find Evelyn, but she would be completely different and then later Erlos would come too and that all would come together.^^
Can't wait to see your next part! :D