Unknown guests


It was really hot that day! The flames were everywhere and I could sense that someone was coming this way. Someone I knew for long and yet he went with the Veronica's wishes. Devion... Why do you let yourself be controlled by everyone, by anything. Why do you do that, what is the problem? I will find it and when that day comes, you shall only serve me!

"Devion, why have you come here? What do you seek?" With my crossed arms I turned an evil sight at him.
"We have that angel prisoner and I need..."
"I didn't mean that, Devion. I meant, what do you really want?" Devion was looking at me confused. He was nervous, he knew that I have figured it out.
"No, my master, you are the only one I obey. The Crux clan..." I put my arms down and began moving really fast towards him.
"The Crux clan is nothing!! It never was, it is just something that we had to make to achieve our goals! Are you leaving me now, Devion?"

Devion was walking in circles, obviously nervous and not knowing what to say to me. He was always a good member and a good friend. I never wanted for him to leave, I never wanted that! And I will never let that happen, not until I am alive!
"So, have you made your mind, Devion?!" This time I said it with an angry, but yet chilling voice.
"Yes my master, I understand!" He still was standing there, waiting for something.
"So Devion, what do you want now? If it is about that angel, you can torture her yourself. You are Punisher after all!"

Devion nodded and turned his back and began moving away. I turned my face on the blazing lava again, but I could sense that something was troubling him.
"So master, what will you do now?" He finally stopped and asked me that.
"I need to travel to human world again! There I have an angel I need to confront! You don't have to worry about that, worry about your angel. Be sure that she knows what kind of pleasure we have here."

Devion was really confused this time and I could feel a little rage in him. As the fire from the lava crush and as it began moving outside like a strong waves between us, I could notice as he looked at me with despite! He finally took his leave and I looked at the sky knowing what waits me there. Even if I couldn't say it, there was not a single day that I couldn't forget about thinking about that girl. The one that was with angels. My heart tells me that her name is Floria. Such a beautiful name for that girl, I have long forgotten what is like knowing that.

I quickly regained my memories back, looked at the dark orb and saw someone there. Someone I knew, Erlos, the great Astrum Angel. I need to eliminate him before he finds the great machine. Only on that way we shall have a chance of actually producing the virus. The virus that we bring us glory... and to me a moment of silence.

The night was thick and I felt weak. But this had to be done. There was no light, I couldn't see anything. Only the small part of light was coming on me from the top and darkness remained. And darkness will stay, it was my destiny at first and it shall be left so!

I moved my wings and with great strength, hit with them on the ground. In a instant moment I began flying to the entrance as fast as I could. Devion was standing there and watching, knowing everything will change soon.

A cloud after cloud, I moved towards the great city and place where my fellow angel was. There we shall have a meeting, but this meeting will be about blood and suffering and not about anything else! It will be quick and swift and I will not let myself loose.

After a really long flight I finally came to the destination. There he was awaiting outside with his sword already drawn. He knew that I was coming, he already was prepared. This will actually take more than ten seconds. I could see a man behind him. That was... that sage. So he already told him all the locations and how to fight of the virus. Interesting, but it won't help him.

"You see angel, you are standing there, waiting for your chance, but actually there is none. You are just nothing and as nothing you will stay!" He throw a smile at me and actually he knew as I did too, that we shall enjoy this fight. We went into battle stance and in just matter of seconds we clashed at one another. A slash after slash was hitting and it was time for me to draw my weapon as well.

Made from flames, I threw my weapon strong at him but he blocked it. He kept running and I just kept dodging.
"What's wrong demon, can't keep up!" He was really fast and swift. As he was talking that he still could attack me with all that force.
"No, but this already took long enough. Sorry, but I have business to attend." I hit him hard and made him to fall on his feet. I too landed slowly on the floor and glared at him.

"Playtime is over, Et tul Dracula!" A huge force blow and I was surrounded by a black aura. Erlos tried to come near me, but he couldn't withstand that power. No matter how much he tried he kept get pushed back. The light of dark was so strong that he couldn't keep his eyes opened. After a while, he lowered his arm and had yet to see something.

I was standing there, with a huge black cloak around me. My teeth grow bigger and my eyes more red. My hair too was a lot longer and the spear became part of my arm, making in a razor metal glove. He was just standing and looking scared at me. He knew that this is where the real horror begins...
Okay, so this was my part with Merlox!^^ I hope that it was good, because it was hard for me to put him somewhere, but since he always wanders around like Erlos, I thought about making them meet each other.
Can't wait to see your part and how it all will continue. :D