Without a Glance

♠ Juliet ♠

Something was approaching, although I had the vague idea it wasn't specifically targeting our group. From the alarm that caused Valor's stricken expression, I presumed he felt the presence as well. Floria began trembling slightly, and Valor glanced at the two of us to see how we were faring.

"We must evacuate," I stated matter-of-factly. Not that I cared about the lives' of these two, but Valor was my only form of transportation.

Valor nodded, determination to save his girlfriend, or whatever she was to him, from an imminent death. For surely she would not be able to save her friend alone. The idea of that was preposterous, and charging recklessly into the depths of Hell was going to get her nowhere.

Valor extended both his wings; one was a brilliant wide that shone with the fading light of the day, and the other was a shimmering black that seemed to reflect misery. The feathers contrasted each other as some floated to the ground. He gathered Floria and I in his arms and began to rise from the mountain cliff we had been located on. Flying in the direction of Hell's gates, we prepared ourselves for an unavoidable battle. I had already figured out the power bestowed upon me by that mysterious machine.

Telekinesis. The power to move something by thinking about it without the application of physical force, often not visible to the eyes. Therefore, my power reached further beyond what a mortal could see. I could stop the beating of the heart without missing a beat. And I would feel no remorse, either.

Floria's gift was admirable, but I doubt she had contemplated all its aspects and unlocked all its secrets like I had with mine. Any demons we encountered would die by my hand, under the cold stare of two uncaring black eyes. I doubted Floria would be able to murder someone, demon or not. Perhaps she was better suited to be a medic, or someone of the sort.

Valor, on the other hand, was obviously worried sick about this Evelyn angel. Although they rarely spoke much, aside from Evelyn's tearful departure from Cloud 9, there was still a silent affection that emanated from the two when they were together. It was apparent he loved her. Too bad she was probably going to die soon, or already was dead.

We swooped through the entrance to Hell without a moment's hesitation. The foolish demons didn't even guard the rocky entrance. And that was their fatal mistake. If they took down intruders the moment they entered this fiery domain, their problems would decrease tenfold.

Although neither Floria nor I knew where Evelyn could possibly be, Valor seemed to know the route to where she was by heart. Ducking through a slight hole in the charred and soot-covered ground, we began to weave through multiple tunnels that connected to form a honeycomb of interconnecting hallways. The ceilings rose yards above us, ending in rocky shards, while the ground was a smooth well-worn path, walked upon often.

"Where are we going?" Floria whispered nervously, her hands fluttering about in an anxious motion.

"I have a feeling I know where Evelyn is," Valor replied quietly, increasing his speed so we flew down multiple corridors at a much faster pace.

Just a few moments later he came to an abrupt halt, hovering in the air for a few seconds and glaring at the air before us. Just as I raised my eyes from the floor, I noticed a sandy-haired male flying before us. He considering our group with golden eyes, and I recognized him as the demon who had previously fought Evelyn before.

That had not ended well. One could only assume the ending of this battle would not be a happy one, either. How sad.

"Well, well, well," the demon drawled lazily, crossing his arms and leaning against a wall. His stance reeked of arrogance, and perhaps that would be his downfall. "Look at what we have here."

"Let us pass," Valor ordered him in a strong voice that resonated through the hallways. He gently descended towards the ground and Floria and I hopped from his arms so he could fight the demon.

Gold-Eyes scoffed, "As if. I will make an exception for the ladies to pass, though."

"They will not go on without me," Valor said through gritted teeth.

"I shall pass, then," I spoke, stepping forward. Valor shot me a surprised glare.

"Juliet?! What are you doing?!" he asked incredulously, but I held out a hand to quiet him.

"I shall make myself clear. I have come here on my own terms, not yours," I told him in a steely voice. "And I wish to proceed with the demon. You and Floria may stay here and fight all you like, but I shall not waste my time with unnecessary battles."

The demon cracked a self-entitled grin, opening his arms wide and exclaiming, "I think I like this one!"

"You touch me and you suffer," I threatened him, walking past his open-arms and further into the hallway. "Take me to your captured angel."

"Feisty," he murmured in my ear in what he thought was a seductive tone, "I like it."

Valor and Floria watched wide-eyed as the two of us stalked down the hallway together. Apparently the fools had placed their trust me, not realizing I had my own agenda. What I wished for was not the rescue of their friend, but of the destruction of all demons. They would all pay... With their lives.

"Juliet, wait!" Floria cried pleadingly, and I could see her worried face in the darkness, reflecting around me.

The demon male snapped his fingers and an army of demons shot through the hallway to meet Valor. I wished him luck silently, although it wouldn't hinder my plans too much if the boy was killed. Although then, I would not have a way out of this play... But if my revenge was exacted, I would welcome death with open arms.

"Juliet!" Floria's voice resonated throughout the corridors.

I continued walking without a glance back.


Soo, Juliet may seem like the bad guy, but she knows that Valor will survive... Maybe. >_>; He totally will. :D Hope ya liked the post! ^^